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    Instagram launches Threads, final nail in Snapchat's coffin

    Instagram never stops throwing knives at Snapchat's back. A new application is launched today: Threads, which allows you to share messages and statuses only between close friends without anything being public.

    After vampirizing its most interesting features, Instagram has largely succeeded in overtaking Snapchat, which is losing momentum. The latter therefore refocused on sharing between small groups of private friends, in order to survive.

    But Instagram, owned by Facebook, won't even let him have that. The developer has just presented Threads, its new application dedicated to exactly the same principle.

    Threads, le Snapstagram

    Threads offers you a completely simplified Instagram interface. Upon opening, you'll be prompted to select a group of close friends (if you haven't already set it on the classic app). These will appear at the bottom of the camera, and will work like the classic photo button: a short press takes a photo, holding down takes a video.

    Except that these photos and videos will be sent directly to the chosen friend, without having to make the effort to select it afterwards. For the rest, a slide down allows you to find your private messages between friends as is the case on the main application, with a more refined interface (which can also be put in a dark theme, black or midnight blue of your choice).

    The main novelty of this application is the automatic statuses. You can let Threads determine your activity by analyzing your location and usage, so you can let your friends know when you're home, at work, low on battery, or having a drink. in a bar.

    These statuses do not share your exact location with your friends, and are sent automatically… hoping that your favorite bar is not close to a sex shop. Above all, if he does not share anything specific to your group, your location and your activities remain shared on the Instagram servers, owned by Facebook, we remind you. At least the analysis of your data and what it says about you is transparent in this context of use.

    Did the world need a new chat app? Do we still need to offer so much data to Facebook? That's up to you if you choose to use Threads.

    Threads pour Instagram

    Download Threads for Instagram Free APK

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