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    Installing Java: how to install Java 11 on Windows Mac and Linux

    About Java 11

    Java 11 JDK, which is the most recent variant of the Java enhancement package in 2018, is encouraged. JDK helps you organize Java projects and run your Java program utilizing the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). You want the Java advancement package (JDK) to compose Java programs.

    Prophet is currently the owner of Java and started charging for Java. Students and software engineers do not have to pay anything to use Oracle's form of Java. Currently Oracle has moved to the LTS (Long Term Support) model where they will maintain a specific variant of Java for quite some time, however, the different forms will end and Oracle will never maintain it again.

    Java 9 or Java 10 are generally not maintained by Oracle. Therefore, we should not utilize any adaptations of Java before 11. Java 11 is the version of Java that Oracle has put on long-term support (LTS) and will keep up for a long time.

    New Java highlights appear like clockwork. For example, Java 12 will appear during March 2019 and Java 13 will appear in September 2019. These are included downloads, so they will end half a year after their release date.

    The organizations that deal with Java are standardizing Java 11 and we should start chipping away at Java 11 as well.

    Introducing Java 11

    How to introduce Java? Java can run on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. The following are the means to download Java 11 JDK. The Java 11 download steps are:

    Step 1: Open and you will be redirected to and then click on Java SE. Java SE stands for Java Standard Edition. The following is the area to locate Java SE.

    Step 2: Now the new page will open and show you Java SE 11.0.1 (LTS) for download. Here LTS stands for Long Term Support. Click to download Java 11.

    Step 3: Now click on the Download button to download Java SE. As soon as you click Download, another page will open with the permission and the list of download types according to the framework you need to download and enter Java.

    Step 4: Click on the download interface according to the framework you are utilizing. Click to enter java. Once the download is complete, run the installer to install Java on your machine.

    Instructions to install Java 11 on Mac

    On the download page, confirm the permission agreement and then click on the jdk-11.0.1_osx-x64_bin.dmg connection to download the installer for macOS. This will start downloading the dmg record.

    Click on the download log and start running it. You will be prompted to double-click on the JDK 11.0.1.pkg symbol to start the installation of the latest Java 11 SDK.

    As soon as you double-click on JDK 11.0.1.pkg, you will see the welcome page of the installer. Click Continue to proceed to the next screen.

    At this point you will see a page that lets you know how much space the establishment will take up on your MAC. Click Install to proceed to the next step.

    Each time you click the Install button, you will see the attached screen after the setup is finished. Click the Close button to close the window.

    When you click Close, you will be prompted to move the installation document to the Trash. You do not need to bother with the installer as you have effectively put it on your machine. To keep the installer, click Save in case you do not press Move to Trash to move the installer to the Trash.

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