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    Interactive music experiments to play in Google Music Lab

    A series of really fun musical experiments and also exciting, to play live directly from the web browser.
    This is a collection of interactive mini-webapps that allow you to create melodies or rhythms in various ways, such as playing with the graphics of the site and the mouse, so that even the most ignorant of music theory can have fun and play something pleasant. Chrome Music Lab is the simplest music producer around, completely free, usable even without an account, for people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

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    The page is called Google Music Lab and includes many interactive experiments playable on the Chrome browser.
    In general, it involves composing a rhythm or a melody by clicking with the mouse on a work surface and coloring squares. The filled squares will be played with the instrument drawn in the center of the page while the others will be pauses.
    For example, the first is a rhythm game, where two monkeys play a drum and a triangle. Below you can create the rhythm by clicking on the timeline while pressing on the two monkeys will play their instrument manually. In this same experiment you can also choose to play rhythms with different percussion instruments such as tambourines or bongos.

    Other musical instruments from Google Music Lab are:
    • the Spectrogram, which shows the sound waves of various interactive instruments and which also works with our voice on the microphone
    • The shared Piano, to play with other people in real time.
    • Song Maker, to create melodies with various instruments and basses using a grid of squares.
    • Rhythm, with cute little animals playing a rhythm of percussion, particularly suitable for children.
    • Voice Spinner, to play with your voice.
    • Melody Maker, the melody maker.
    • The pianola to learn how to play chords
    • The piano showing sound waves
    • The arpeggio, for playing the chords of a harp
    • Kandisky, which blends art and music
    • Vocal disc, for playing with your voice
    • Armonia
    • Piano roll
    • Oscillators, very nice
    • Strings, which is like playing a guitar with a mouse.

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