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    Nintendo Switch: how to access the internet browser hidden in the console?

    The Nintendo Switch has an internet browser well hidden in the meanders of the firmware. This browser which seems for the moment of experimental order is activated without jailbreak, at the end of a precise sequence of steps. We tell you how to do it in this quick tutorial.

    Nintendo Switch: how to access the internet browser hidden in the console?

    Did you know that your Nintendo Switch can launch a web browser? Do not look in the menus: this one is rigorously hidden in the meanders of the file system. And only activates when a sequence of actions executes in order.

    Nintendo Switch: how to launch the secret internet browser

    To launch the console web browser:

    • Go to Console Settings then select Internet > Internet Settings
    • Select the WiFi connection you are connected to then choose Change settings
    • A list of settings will then appear, choose DNS settings and select Manual
    • Then enter this main DNS address (with 0s in front):
    • The console then tries to connect to the internet, then the message Registration is required to use this network or You must register to use this network is displayed – press NextNext
    • Wait: after about ten seconds, you should see the Google homepage

    It is also possible to access the secret browser through the Switch's sharing options:

    • Go to Console Settings > Users > Social Media Post Settings
    • Click on Associate to the right of Facebook
    • In the page that appears, use the joystick to reach the link Pages in the footer then click on it
    • In the search field, enter SwitchBoard then press Enter
    • Choose SwitchBoard (with the red logo) from the list of results
    • Close the messages prompting you to log in to Facebook, then click Use the app
    • A new page is then displayed: click on Surf Web Browser or on one of the links provided in the carousel

    Of course, it would be much simpler if Nintendo directly offered support for the web browser, Netflix and Youtube – we doubt that given its current implementation, this would not be complicated. Have you tested the secret internet browser? Have you tried using it with Netflix, Youtube and other streaming services? Share your feedback in the comments!

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