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    See all extensions installed on Chrome and Firefox

      See all extensions installed on Chrome and Firefox Internet users are divided into two broad categories, those who always open the browser as if it had just been installed, without customizations and nothing and those who like to install extensions to improve its functions.
      The former are generally not very smart people with computers or are so focused on wanting a fast PC that they want to avoid burdening the browser in any way.
      The latter, on the other hand, want to exploit the potential of browsers such as Chrome and Firefox even if at times they can exaggerate and slow down web browsing due to too many extensions installed.
      Either way, a very handy one can be program that displays all extensions installed on all browsers on a Windows PC.
      For those who install many extensions it is a way to have a complete list while for those who never install it is a way to check that the browsers are still clean and without extensions installed automatically by external programs.

      Prima di tutto, per vedere le estensioni installate in Chrome si può aprire il menù con tre pallini, andare in Altri strumenti > Estensioni. Nella lista è possibile disattivare le estensioni o rimuoverle.
      InFirefox, la lista di estensioni si trova dal menù principale, premendo sul tasto con tre righe in alto a destra e poi su Estensioni e Temi.

      The most complete program for see the list of extensions installed on all browsers on the PC (Chrome and Firefox) Is BrowserAddonsView from Nirsoft, free and very simple.
      To download, scroll down the developer page and find the link for the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on the system used.
      The program is portable and does not require any installation procedure, just run it to start using it immediately.
      Once downloaded then, double click on its icon and you can see all the add-ons of all browsers on your PC.
      Dalla lista, completissima anche se visualizzata in modo un po' grezzo, è possibile vedere tutti i dettagli di un'estensione, il percorso del file, il tipo, il titolo, la descrizione, uno o più elementi, ed esportare l'elenco componenti aggiuntivi in formati multipli.
      If you prefer, you can export the list to a text file or as an html report (from the View menu) for easier reading.

      You will notice that the same extension for Chrome and Firefox can be listed multiple times if multiple profiles have been configured on the browser.
      For each addon you can also see if this is disabled or activated on the browser and when it was installed.
      This last indication can be useful, in the case of a few addons installed, to understand if it has been put there by some program without us wanting it.

      If you want to remove plugins or addons, we have seen in another article how to eliminate unnecessary extensions and toolbars from Chrome, Firefox and IE even automatically.

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