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    See your Google search history and visited sites

      See your Google search history and visited sites Google è il motore di ricerca Internet primo nel mondo, quasi l'unico disponibile in el paese, tanto potente ed anche tanto intrusivo nella vita di ciascuno di noi.
      It is no mystery that Google keeps data of all people, creating profiles based on habits, on the sites visited and on any preferences expressed through online searches.
      Not all Google users, perhaps, are aware that every search is tracked and navigation data is collected.

      There are two ways that Google works:
      1) Collecting information anonymously, by storing a cookie which, over time, ends up influencing searches by providing personalized ads to the user (see also all the data that google collects about us)
      2) In a conscious way, through access to your Google account, by registering each website you browse to be able to review them later which is the thing that interests us here.
      While the collection of data for advertising purposes can be obnoxious, the fact that Google can be used as archive of everything seen on the internet on the other hand, it can be very useful in any situation.
      This happens thanks to Google's important function of Web activity history that allows save online, in your account, all the websites you visit in the past and also the researches done from any computer or mobile phone used.

      To see the Google history you need to go to the site and log in with your Google / Gmail account.
      From this page you can activate the storage of the web history or, if it was already activated, view it.
      The Google history of visited sites and searches can be viewed with group view or, with view per element which is the history of every site seen and searched on Google.
      The best part of this history is that if it has been around for a while, you can search through it to see if we have already done a certain search or seen a site in the past.
      Using the filter by date and product at the top it is possible to view the history of only a certain moment or relating to a certain type of interest or word.
      From the menu on the left Delete activity for it's possible clear the Google history, remove single items, delete everything or only searches made in the last hour, last day, last week or month.
      If there are some search results that you want to remove from the sites saved by Google, just select them from the main page and click on the remove button from the left menu.
      Of course you can also delete the history of all time, deleting everything.

      By pressing on Activity Management on the left, you can disable Google history for web activities or one of the other histories that Google keeps separately.
      These chronologies, visible by clicking on "Other Google activity" and I'm:
      - The history of the positions of Google Maps, with all the movements made.
      - The history of voice searches on Google using the smartphone.
      - Youtube history, with all videos searched and viewed.
      - Other histories related to Google Play, words on Gboard, polls, podcasts and all the Google products used.

      On the Google history page, you will see a calendar on the right that links to all daily activities across the web, including recent Google searches.
      This search history can be divided into nine categories: images, products, blogs, news, videos, books, sponsored links and maps.
      By clicking on the "trends" button it is possible to view, after a certain period, what were the words that a person searched several times, how many searches were made during each month of the year, what day of the week you are most active on the internet, at what times of the day and which sites were the most clicked.

      Why is this history useful and why is it convenient to use it?

      The advantages of saving the history of searches made on Google are quite evident because from there it is possible to go back to sites visited a long time ago, whose name he no longer remembered.
      It is clear that when one wants to memorize a site, he puts it in the bookmarks of the browser but, in case you want to go back to old searches done for a school assignment, for a university thesis or for a job, it becomes useful to use the history of search starting from the calendar.
      The disadvantage main feature of this automatic Google history feature is equally obvious: if the computer was also used by other people and I have not logged out of my Google account, others will be able to see everything I searched for on the internet and where I have sailed.

      Then there is also another side of the coin why Google history can become a great tool for minding other people's business and monitor all their online activity.
      For example, I can create a new Google account, set up automatic login on a friend's computer, activate the history and then, if he does not notice anything, see what he does on the internet.

      I personally use this Google history feature a lot and have kept it turned on for several years.
      I sometimes consult it to retrieve information that I remembered having found but that, at that time, I did not need.
      In case you need a service to save sites on the fly, I can recommend web apps to save favorite web pages, sites, news and articles to read them later.

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