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    The functions that Windows 10 will no longer have with the next update

    The functions that Windows 10 will no longer have with the next update

    There are still a couple of months left until the official release of Fall Creators Update, the new and important update for Windows 10 that Microsoft will introduce in the fall. New features will be introduced in the new version, while some are currently present will no longer be available.

    As communicated by the company founded by Bill Gates on its website, a part of the features of Windows 10, included in the current builds, will be permanently removed or deprecated, that is, they will not receive any updates and may be deleted in the future. Among the apps that will suffer a "freeze", waiting to find a "dignified end", Microsoft Paint stands out above all, a program that has always accompanied any version of the Redmond operating system. The drawing software will still be available on the Windows Store, while its features will be integrated into Paint 3D.

    Deprecated features

    In the list published by Microsoft, in addition to Paint other programs are among the deprecated apps. Will be suspended: IIS 6 Management Compatibility, IIS Digest Authentication, Settings Synchronization, RC4 Encryption for TLS, RSA / AES Encryption for IIS, System Image Backup (SIB), Trusted Platform Module: TPM.msc and TPM RemoteManagement, Trusted Platform Module (TPM ) Remote Management, Windows Hello distribution for the Business using the System System Center and Windows Power Shell 2.0.

    Features removed

    Let's now take a look at the features that with the Fall Creators Update will be removed from Windows 10. For example, it will no longer be there Outlook Express e 3D Builder App, the program to create models for the 3D printer that can still be downloaded from the Windows Store. And not only. Microsoft is ready to say goodbye to the screen saver, which will be replaced by the Lookscreen.

    Together with the three features mentioned, the update, arriving in the fall, will also take away: Apndatabase.xml, EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit), a system that detects viruses based on information collected by Microsoft Graph, blocked in favor by Exploit Protection.

    The update will also delete Reader app and Reader List (PDF readers), both functions will be integrated into Microsoft Edge. There will be no more Syskey.exe, a utility for encrypting passwords, considered by Redmond to be insecure, and the TCP Offload Engine.

    Finally, the Fall Creators Update will also remove Tile Data Layer, replaced by Tile Sotre, and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Owner Management, a tool developed to increase the security of your Windows devices.

    The functions that Windows 10 will no longer have with the next update

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