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    Towards a removal of the "Ok Google" voice command?

      To get Google Assistant out of its lethargy, it is up to the user to tirelessly pronounce the key command "Ok Google". The shooting could very soon be corrected. Indeed, according to the latest version of the Google app code on Android, it would be possible to use another keyword to activate the voice assistant. All in good time !

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      Some would like to see the voice command "Ok Google" turn into a keyword, let's say, sexier! And indeed, it could soon be the case. This is at least what the latest version of the code for the Google application on Android (7.2) unearthed by the 9to5Google site predicts. The activation command would presumably be customizable and the keywords could be defined by the user. 

      The story doesn't say if the possibilities are endless, but what we do know is that the "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" commands will remain. Should we expect a list predefined by Google or a total free will of the user? The first option seems the most plausible to avoid drifts, but Google could also completely leave the choice to users.

      Either way, the next version of Mountain View's voice assistant would seem to offer more freedom. And that could greatly delight many users who prefer to call on a virtual assistant like Alexa, Siri or Cortana rather than a web giant. And because the assistant is available indefinitely and invites itself into our smartphones, our cars and our homes, we might as well give it a more... intimate name. In addition, the site reveals the possibility of adding a second language in addition to the one initially offered by the assistant. 

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