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    Use Facebook from Chrome with notification, chat and message extensions

    Among all the extensions and applications launched to integrate websites into the Google Chrome browser, it seems almost obligatory to install the Facebook one, for those who want to stay constantly connected with friends. The problem with a service as popular as Facebook is the abundance of often useless or even dubious extensions that aren't really worth using. In the past I had also reported several applications to access Facebook from Chrome, but now they no longer exist.
    Three new extensions, however, work very well to integrate Facebook into Google Chrome and receive messages and notifications from the browser without having to open the social network website.

    Anyone looking for a Facebook extension for Chrome can use this or another of a different kind, perhaps better because faster and more loaded and less heavy.
    It is FaceFont which sends notifications from Facebook on Chrome

    A better extension to use sul browser Chrome è FacebookNotify which adds a button on the top right bar from which all notifications, likes, friend requests and messages can be received.

    Facebook for Chrome is an extension that no longer exists, to open Facebook from Chrome.
    The first time, by pressing the button, you need to grant permission to the extension to read the account data.
    You can then start using your Facebook account by clicking on the logo next to the address bar at any time.

    In the small box, the first card is the news section, updated and arranged in chronological order.
    On the left side of the box there are buttons for (from top to bottom):
    1) See your profile
    2) See the news section
    3) Publish a status update
    4) Check notifications
    5) Check for upcoming birthdays
    6) See photos of friends
    7) Read the private messages received.

    When you click on a person's name in a window, you can see their wall and you can even write on their profile. In the box above it is possible to search for friends by writing their name. When you receive a new notification, the extension icon shows a small red number indicating which ones are yet to be read. If you click a notification, you can see what it refers to. Photos can also be clicked to see any comments.
    On each element you can click Like without having to open the Facebook web page. Unfortunately it is not possible to reply to the email messages received by the extension and you have to press the link "Go to Facebook" to open the site.

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