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    Use the Cloudflare DNS app on Android and iPhone

      Use the Cloudflare DNS app on Android and iPhone I server DNS sono quelli a cui si connette il browser del computer quando si richiede di visitare un certo sito web, in modo che, ad esempio, l'indirizzo sia riconosciuto e tradotto nell'indirizzo IP del webserver, che può trovarsi in ogni parte del mondo, in cui sono memorizzate le pagine e le immagini.
      The DNS servers are therefore like phone books, which contain the names of the websites associated with the relative IPs of the web servers.
      Given, therefore, that the DNS servers must be contacted from the PC or phone every time a new site is opened, it is evident that the connection to them must be as quick as possible.
      DNS servers are always provided by the internet connection provider (for example TIM or Fastweb) who automatically sets them in the default parameters
      Furthermore, since if a site is not included in the DNS lists it cannot be reached, national network providers can easily both see which sites are visited by customers, and prevent links to sites that have been blocked for reasons of censorship or because it is against the law. .

      To set the DNS that connect faster than the others, which protect the privacy of the sites visited and which also work to circumvent any block on sites obscured at national level, it is possible to set DNS servers other than those of the provider, which are independent from requests made locally by the various countries and therefore allow faster and unrestricted browsing.

      The most famous of these is definitely the Google DNS, free, free and without limitations.

      Among other fast and secure DNS addresses, we now see that perhaps the fastest ever, the1.1.1.1 by Cloudflare, is available as an app for android and iphone, so you can set the DNS easily on your smartphone where it is not always possible to do so.

      As seen in another guide, in fact, while setting the DNS on the PC is quite simple, changing the DNS on the Android smartphone and iPhone is not always possible (you cannot change the DNS in the data connection) and, in any case, requires setting a 'hidden and inconvenient option that only applies to the Wifi network you are connected to. With the Cloudflare app, however, the DNS is forcibly set covering the current connection.

      The installation of Cloudflare as an application on a smartphone Automatically enables the company's DNS resolver on Android and iPhone, without having to make manual changes to the internet connection configuration. The Android application uses a VPN profile to make DNS changes, so Cloudflare DNS servers and a VPN app cannot be used at the same time. App shows a big toggle to enable or disable Cloudflare's DNS resolver. Touching the menu icon and then going to Advanced opens the configuration options of the protection that encrypts data traffic (HTTPS or TLS) and the one to test the connection. For the rest there is nothing else to look at and just hold the switch of

      Cloudflare is a very popular company that hosts several sites around the world protecting them from external attacks, the reliability of which is beyond question.
      In my test, after setting the Cloudflare DNS on both PC and mobile, I was able to happily verify that many of the blocked sites are back visible and that the connection to the sites went fast and without delays.
      Therefore I can only recommend to install app, which is free and you can download for Android e iPhone.

      Remember that on Windows PC it's possible set the DNS by going to Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center, clicking on the name of the internet connection in blue in the center, then on Properties.
      Highlight IPv4 Internet Protocol, click on Properties and manually set the Cloudflare primary and secondary DNS
      Then highlight Internet Protocol IPv6 and set Cloudflare as DNS: primary 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1111 and secondary 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1001

      NOTE: Cloudflare also allows you to use DNS to block malicious sites e to block iti for adults.

      On iPhone you can manually set DNS by going to Settings> Wifi, press the i icon next to the connection name, then tap DNS and change the primary and secondary DNS servers.

      Per cambaire DNS Android, go to Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi connected, long tap on the wireless connection, then go to Edit Network> Advanced Options> IP Settings to Static and enter the Cloudflare DNS IP Addresses ( and ).

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