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    Weather and temperature on the Chrome home tab

      Weather and temperature on the Chrome home tab Google Chrome as well as being a web browser for surfing the Internet, also has the ambition to become the main interface of the computer, used not only to open websites, but also to launch applications. Currently in Chrome the new tab page shows the 8 most visited sites and installed applications, with the button to reopen recently opened sites and those synchronized from other devices.
      If you want something more you can install an extension that shows a more beautiful wallpaper than the default one, the favorite and most visited sites and also the exact time, the outside temperature and also the weather forecast.

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      1) The extension for Chrome Momentum per Chrome (also installable on Microsoft Edge) is among the best to change the Chrome home page and make it a real starting point for using your computer and accessing the internet. The home page shows above time, in the center a search box and at the bottom the thumbnails of the most used websites for quick access.
      At the bottom instead there are some buttons to open the news stream from a website of your choice, for open installed applications and to enter the settings of the new Chrome Momentum page. In the settings you can change the place also by authorizing the automatic detection of location to have the temperature and forecasts.
      At the top right appears the weather and if you click on it you can see the forecast for tomorrow. The search box allows you to search for favorite sites or applications. In the settings you can too change the background placing a photo or image taken from the computer.
      Momentum is, at the moment, a fairly innovative extension, which incorporates, albeit with completely different graphics, the graphics of the Google search app on Android Smartphones and Tablets.

      2) If you like Windows 10, a developer created the Chrome start page based right on the Windows 10 Start menu.
      After installing New Tab Page, you get an initial tab with the tiles with the most visited sites at the top, the current weather, the forecast for the next few days and the temperature, the box to launch Chrome applications and a news section.

      3) Another Start tab with weather, clock and lots of customizable information is iChrome, inspired by iGoogle and with Google graphics on Android.

      4) The extension that we could consider among the best to see the weather forecast on your computer on Google Chrome, it's called Handy Tab.
      Infinity Weather install a new home tab on Chrome instead of the default one, which shows current weather, temperatures, forecasts for the next few days and current time.
      This app is ideal for those who want to have a nice full screen page to keep active when not browsing or to open when you want to check the weather situation. In the lower right corner there are three icons with buttons: the first to view the details of the weather forecast, the second button with the gear icon leads to the extension options, and the third is the link to the default tab of Chrome, the one from which to launch the most visited applications and sites. In the settings it is possible to change the temperature unit of measurement, the city, the clock mode and the colors of the graphic theme which is, objectively, very pleasant to see and minimalist.

      5) Weather, free for Chrome and Firefox, places an icon in the browser's main toolbar that displays the current temperature. You can then click the icon to see the weather report, with hourly and daily forecasts. Forecasts include temperature, chance of precipitation and cloud cover. The interface displays the next ten hours and the next eight days. You can hover over any item to view additional data including wind, humidity, visibility, pressure, precipitation intensity, and UV index.

      If you weren't convinced, I suggest you take a look at 5 others extensions to improve the initial card.

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