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    Windows 10, available on May Update 2020: how to update your PC

    Windows 10, available on May Update 2020: how to update your PC

    Windows 10 May Update 2020 is available: Microsoft has respected the rumors of the previous weeks and released by May 28 the first major update of the year, codenamed Windows 20H1. As has been happening for some time now, the Redmond company releases two important updates every year: one between April and May, the other between October and November. Updates that bring improvements to the stability of the operating system, but above all new functions.

    Dell 'Windows 2020 May 10 Update we talked a lot and anticipated most of the news. News that have largely been confirmed by Microsoft on the official page dedicated to the update. Confirmed the arrival of a new system for file indexing present on your computer which will make the search faster and more accurate. Improvements also for the Task Manager which now reports in real time the temperature reached by the video card, especially important for gamers and content creators (graphic designers, videomakers). Furthermore, with Windows 10 May Update 2020 the Cortana revolution also starts, which becomes an app in its own right.

    How to update your computer to Windows 10 May Update 2020

    Microsoft is releasing the update all over the world in these hours and it could take a few days before it arrives on your computer. To check if it is already available and force the manual update you have to open the Settings, click on Update and Security and from the left column select the Windows Update item. To check the presence of the new update, press the "Check for updates" button at the top and check if it is present Windows 10 20H1. If the search was successful, start downloading the update and then proceed to install.

    What's new in Windows 10 May Update 2020

    One of the most important innovations of Windows 10 May Update it is not visible to everyone, but it is hidden “under the hood” of the operating system.This is the new version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux that allows you to distribute updates to the kernel directly through Windows Update.

    Improved the file indexing system that will make it easier to search inside the PC. Important news also for Cortana: the voice assistant becomes an app in itself (only in the United States for the moment) and the user can decide to delete it from the taskbar. With the Windows 10 update in May, Microsoft brings great news to the world of security by eliminating the password for accessing the PC. The user can choose between a numeric PIN, facial recognition via webcam or fingerprint.

    Microsoft Edge is becoming more and more important in the ecosystem of the Redmond company and the latest update of the operating system demonstrates this. In addition to switching to Chromium a few months ago, Edge now updates itself again promising to reduce PC memory consumption by an additional 30%, increasingly becoming a dangerous competitor for Chrome.

    Steps forward also for Your Phone app which allows you to receive smartphone notifications on your PC. Windows 10 PCs with an ARM processor are now also capable of handling calls.

    Finally, small improvements to the Notepad, Calculator and Xbox Game Bar.

    We will see in the coming days if the update will work on all PCs or if users will encounter problems, as happened in recent months with the various Windows 10 updates.

    Windows 10, available on May Update 2020: how to update your PC

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