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    Windows 10, end of support in December for smartphones

    Windows 10, end of support in December for smartphones

    10 Windows Mobile his days are numbered: to be precise, until 10 2019 December. The official statement comes directly from the Redmond company: "from December 10 2019 users of 10 Windows Mobile will no longer be eligible to receive free new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft".

    What does this novelty imply? In a little less than a year, 10 Windows Mobile and the development of its features will be permanently stopped, putting an end to the development of Microsoft's mobile operating system. 10 Windows Mobile failed where Windows 8 Mobile had already failed: trying to carve out a small slice of the market in the smartphone operating system sector. Despite Microsoft's efforts in developing applications and services, Windows 10 Mobile didn't offer the same features as Android and iOS.

    The end of Windows 10 Mobile support

    The same fate had befallen Windows Phone 8.1 and, before that, a Windows Phone 7: however, if with regard to these latest editions of Microsoft's mobile OS one could be certain that development would continue, the officially sanctioned end of support for Windows 10 Mobile breaks the story in the smartphone world of the company. Redmond.

    To confirm that this is not fake news, Microsoft's invitation to buy a device Android o iOS if you are still using a Windows smartphone: "With the end of support for the Windows 10 Mobile operating system, it is recommended that customers switch to a supported Android or iOS device. Microsoft's mission to enable every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, requires us to support our mobile apps on those platforms and devices. "

    Windows 10 Mobile: watch out for deadlines

    Support, up to December 10 2019, applies to devices with Windows 10 Mobile version 1709. While, for owners of Windows 10 Mobile version 1703, Such as Lumia 640 e 640 XL, the support will terminate theJune 11 2019: after these dates, the devices 10 Windows Mobile they should continue to work but updates, including security updates, will no longer be delivered, the backup function will be stopped, and other "back-end" services will be suspended.

    Device and application backups can be created up to March 10 and those backups can be recovered anywhere up to a year after the initial sunset on December 10, 2019. Keep this in mind.

    Windows 10, end of support in December for smartphones

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