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    Windows 11: Microsoft has updated a historic app

    Who has not been lost at least once in their life to draw shapeless objects on Microsoft Paint, especially when computers were in their infancy and the internet was still a hologram? We all did it a bit, although it was evident that the mouse was not the ideal tool for creating credible digital paintings.

    Everyone imagines that Paint is a very old application, but many may ignore its actual age, which is the same age as Windows: well 36 years ago in fact, the first version of the Microsoft operating system was making its debut in which Paint was pre-installed, a "program" that has certainly evolved over the years, but which, in relation to the rest, is remained almost unchanged. And it remained. Although in over thirty years of time Windows has evolved significantly, Paint has always accompanied the numerous versions of the Redmond system in a constant way up to the present day, when no one would ever have doubted its presence on board the recent Windows 11 (that's when it arrives and how much it costs).

    The preview of the new Paint comes from Microsoft

    And it is precisely on Windows 11 that Paint should be redesigned, revised. After all, the next Microsoft operating system made official about a month ago has been revised a lot in terms of graphics, so the company has decided to reserve the same treatment for a historical Windows app to make it more consistent with the new environment.

    Developers who have learned to familiarize themselves with the Windows 11 preview in recent weeks found that Paint was left over unaltered from a graphic point of view. Those who were disappointed, however, underestimated that not being the final version of Windows 11, things could still change from there to the release, and indeed it will.

    To reveal in advance creating some healthy anticipation in those who can't wait to familiarize themselves with the new Windows it was Microsoft itself, who in the past few hours has shared a photo of Windows 11 on Unsplash in which you can see the new user interface that the company would have reserved for Paint.

    Paint will have a more rational interface

    One interface much more modern than the current one, which remains consistent with the spirit of Paint but updates it to our times. From the few evaluations that can be made through a display from an image, it seems that Microsoft has put a hand to the layout of Paint thinking of those who, as seen in the photo, will use the software with a pen and a touch sensitive display.

    In the toolbar of the program, under the File, Edit, etc. menus, the icons contain a fewer explanations on their functioning - after all we had years to memorize them - and thus they benefit from a more rational use of the available space.

    If and how Paint on Windows 11 will look like we should anyway to know soon for sure: the Redmond operating system will pass relatively soon in the final RTM phase, ie the preparatory phase for commercialization.

    Windows 11: Microsoft has updated a historic app

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