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Before getting to the heart of the matter, going to explain, precisely, how to succeed in deactivate Tidal Premium Vodafone, it seems to me only right to make some clarifications regarding the service in question and the digital services that the “red operator” allows to activate.

For Tidal, it is a popular music streaming service, similar to Spotify, Apple Music e Amazon Music, which can be used after signing up for a special subscription: Tidal Premium (at a cost of 9,99 euros / month) e Tidal hifi (at a cost of 19,99 euros / month) with higher audio quality (CD quality) and video. Note that the service also allows you to listen to music tracks of interest without activating any subscription, but in this case the playback is limited to 30 seconds.

As regards, however, i digital services, these are paid services, possibly offered free of charge by Vodafone for a limited period of time or for an initial trial period (following which it is very often possible to continue to use the service at a discounted price), to use content to customize smartphone, tablet or PC (ringtones, horoscope etc.) or to access various multimedia contents (eg music and videos). In any case, if payment is required, the requested sum is deducted from the credit on the SIM or from the bank / postal account or credit card, based on the payment method associated with the number in question.

Deactivate Tidal Premium Vodafone

Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's now find out how to proceed, specifically to deactivate Tidal Premium Vodafone. I already tell you that the operation is not feasible directly from the Tidal website or from the related app, which, however, is possible when the subscription has been subscribed without relying on Vodafone, as I explained to you in my tutorial on the subject. .

In this specific case, in fact, you must act through theapp MyVodafone, Vodafone website or you have to rely on the customer care of the manager. To find out more, please continue reading. Find everything explained in detail below.

App MyVodafone

If you have your smartphone or tablet at hand, you can deactivate the Tidal Premium subscription enabled through Vodafone using theapp MyVodafone made available by the operator for Android and iOS devices and thanks to which the operator's customers can manage their line and the related active offers at 360 °.

To use it for your purpose, first download the app on your device (in case you haven't already done so, of course) from the relevant section of the Play Store (on Android) And App Store (on iOS), using the links I gave you just now.

Then, log in to your Vodafone account by filling in the appropriate fields on the screen and then tapping the button Log in. If you don't already have a Vodafone account, you can create one at the moment by pressing the button Subscribe, typing yours telephone number in the appropriate field, by pressing the button Confirm number and following the instructions given to you to complete the procedure.

Once logged in, press the button Menu (I cheer with him three lines horizontally) located in the upper right part of the screen and, from the menu that opens, select the item Your active offers. Now, scroll to the bottom of the new screen displayed, tap on the box Tidal Premium Vodafone che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Music, Cinema and V by Vodafone, dopodiché pigia sul pulsnte Confirmation to proceed with the deactivation.

If you can't see Tidal in the list of services and offers active on your number, first press the button All Categories located at the top left of the app screen.

Once this is done, Vodafone will process your request and within a short time will send you an SMS indicating that the deactivation of the service is being processed. When Tidal Premium is permanently deactivated (it may take a few hours), you will receive another message regarding this. It was easy, wasn't it?

Vodafone website

If you do not have a mobile phone or tablet at hand or in any case if you prefer to act as a computer, you can deactivate the Tidal subscription signed with Vodafone from the area do-it-yourself of site of the operator, used to manage their number and the services and promotions active on the same.

To do this, first connect to the home page of, then move the mouse pointer over the button Do-it-yourself located at the top right and click on the button Log in, present in the menu that opens. Then fill in the fields on the screen with your login data and press the button Log in to, in fact, make the access.

If you don't have a Vodafone account yet, after selecting the button Do-it-yourself press, in the menu that appears, on the button Subscribe. Afterward, type yours telephone number in the blank field on the screen, click the button Confirm number and follow the instructions given to you to finalize the procedure.

Once logged in, move the mouse pointer over the item Proposal located in the bar at the top and select, from the menu that opens, the item Active offers. On the new page that appears, expand the menu Digital services (below) by clicking on the relevant button [+] and click on the button Manage.

Next, locate Tidal in the list of active digital services that is shown to you, press the relevant button Verifica and his bottone award disable twice consecutively, in order to proceed with the deactivation.

Even in the case of the procedure via the website, Vodafone will process your request and will shortly send you SMS messages informing you that your request is being processed and / or that Tidal Premium has actually been deactivated (it may take a few hours for the actual deactivation).

Costumer Services

You can also deactivate Vodafone Tidal Premium by contacting the customer care telephone of the famous operator. How you do it? I'll explain it to you right away.

First, grab your smartphone, log into the dialer (the numeric keypad), dial the number 190 and presses the button for initiate a call (usually it is the one with the green handset).

When the call has started, listen to the recorded voice and then press the button for receive support for mobile telephony (usually corresponds to the button 1). So continue to listen to the information given to you and press the button corresponding to theassistance from an operator (usually corresponds to the button 4).

However, keep in mind that the number sequence to use to speak to an operator is often subject to change by managers. So, if you want to avoid errors of form and unnecessary waste of time, my instructions aside, always listen with the utmost attention to the indications provided by the guide voice.

Next, wait for a "human" operator to answer you (it may take more or less time, it all depends on the degree of "crowding" of the lines), then explain to the latter the fact that you want to disable Tidal Premium. The operator will then process your request and proceed with the deactivation.

Even then, you should receive text messages that your request has been taken over by Vodafone and / or that Tidal Premium has been properly deactivated (this may take a few hours).

In addition to the way I have just indicated, you can also contact Vodafone customer service via social networks. Let's see immediately how to proceed in this case, you will find everything explained below.

  • Facebook - log into your Facebook account, go to the Vodafone fanpage, press the button for send a message located at the top and express your will to speak to an operator, in such a way as to bypass the bot. Then, type the telephone number for which you need assistance and explain the fact that you want to deactivate Tidal Premium. You should soon be contacted by a Vodafone operator.
  • Twitter - log into your Twitter account and send a message to the official account of the operator (@VodafoneIT) by which you explain that you want to deactivate Tidal Premium. Soon you will be sent to continue the conversation in private (DM), you will be asked to provide yours telephone number and an operator will deal with your request.

If you feel you need more details about the practices described above, I invite you to consult my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to talk to a Vodafone operator.

Refund request

Have you not received any message to activate Tidal Premium for free for a certain number of months and have therefore enabled the paid service by mistake? Did you forget to deactivate Tidal Premium at the end of the trial period and did you unwittingly pay its monthly fee? This can be solved! In fact, I inform you that if everything occurred in the last 30 days, can request a refund.

To do this, you need to use theapp My Vodafone, of which I told you in the passage at the beginning of the guide. Then, start the latter on your mobile device, press the button Menu (I cheer with him three lines horizontally) located in the upper right part of the screen and select the item from the menu that appears Money Back Guarantee is that Digital services.

At this point, pigia sul pulsating Check for active Digital Servicesselect il period reference from the top menu and then the item Digital services. Finally, choose, from the list that is shown to you, the reference to Tidal and presses the button for chat with an expert in order to request the deactivation, refund and blocking of the service.

If you need more information on how the Vodafone Satisfied or Refunded service works, you can consult the specific information web page attached to the operator's website.

how to deactivate tidal Premium Vodafone

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