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How to disable Discovery +

The procedure to be performed for disable Discovery + it is really very simple, but the procedures vary depending on the device you are using; therefore follow the indications that I am about to give you in the next chapters. Keep in mind that you will be able to continue to use the contents of the service until the natural expiry of the active subscription, even after having deactivated its renewal.

Give smartphone and tablet

If you use Discovery + through the homonymous Whatsapp available for Android (available on Play Store and alternative markets) and iPhone / iPad, please note that you must deactivate the subscription to the service by accessing the section of active subscriptions on Play Store or to that relating to App Store.

To do it, then, come on Android start the Play Store, press onmenu icon at the top left and then tap on the item Subscriptions. Then locate the subscription a Discovery + and presses on it. Now, press the button Cancel Subscription and, after specifying the reason for the cancellation, click on the button Continue.

Su iOS / iPadOSinstead, start theApp Store, presses on tuo profilo miniature at the top right and go to the section Subscriptions. Then locate the entry Discovery + and tap on it, to see the details of the active subscription. Now, to deactivate it, click on the button Cancel subscription (o Cancel trial period). Finally, to confirm the operation, press the button Continue.

From PC

If you prefer to act from PC, you should know that the procedure to be put in place requires you to act through the official Discovery + website.

So, to get started, open the browser of your choice and connect to the Discovery + website. Then click the button with the little man icon, enter the credentials of your account in the appropriate text fields (or log in via Facebook, if your profile is connected to the famous social network) and press on the item Log in.

At the end of the login, press again on theicona dell'omino and recati nella sezione Subscriptions, in order to view the settings of your account. Finally, tap on the item Cancel your subscription and confirm the operation by clicking on the item Yes, cancel your subscription. Facile, see?

Come eliminare account Discovery+

You think the Discovery + service is not suitable for your needs and, after deactivating your subscription, you would also like completely delete your Discovery + account? This is absolutely feasible and the steps to take to do so are very simple. However, keep in mind that, following the deletion of your personal profile, all data connected to it will be permanently deleted, including lists and viewing preferences. Clear? Well, then let's proceed.

Give smartphone and tablet

If you intend to cancel your Discovery + account from smartphone o tablet, you must take into consideration that it is necessary to proceed from the browser, as the service app does not allow you to perform this operation.

Therefore, to start, start the Internet browsing app of your choice, connected to the official Discovery + website, tap the button with theicona dell'omino and press on the item Log in, after entering your account data. Alternatively, if you signed up with Facebook, press the appropriate button.

At this point, press again on theicona dell'omino and, scroll down the screen named My Profile, to view and press the item Cancel my account. Finally, click on the button Yes, delete my account.

After permanently deleting the Discovery + profile, you can proceed with uninstalling the app from the smartphone or tablet through which you used to use the service: if you don't know how to do it, take a look at my guides on how to uninstall apps from Android and how to uninstall apps from iPhone (also valid for iPad).

From PC

eliminare account Discovery+ da PC, do this: start the Internet browser you usually use, visit the Discovery + website and click on theicona dell'omino, located at the top right.

Then log in, inserting yours access data inside the dedicated boxes, or use the button dedicated to Facebook, if you have created a profile using the famous social network. Once this is done, click on the button Log in.

Once logged into your account, click again on theicona dell'omino and, once on the page dedicated to managing your profile, click on the item Cancel my account. Finally, to permanently delete your Discovery + account and all data connected to it, confirm the operation by pressing the button Yes, delete my account.

How to disable Discovery +

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