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    How to disable SIM Wind

    How to deactivate a rechargeable Wind SIM subscription

    want deactivate a SIM Wind, subscription or rechargeable, and you don't know how to do it? So, all you have to do is, as anticipated at the beginning, communicate your wishes to the manager. You can do this in various ways: by means of recommended return, through PEC, phone or in person, by going to a Wind shop. Below you will find explained how to proceed, exactly in all cases.

    • Recommended a / R - write your request also specifying your name, your surname, your telephone number, the serial number of the SIM to be deactivated and the reason why you intend to proceed with the operation. Complete everything by also inserting your handwritten signature, attach a double-sided photocopy of your identity document and send the documentation to the following address: WIND Tre SpA - Cancellation Service - Post Office Box 14155 - Post Office Milan 65 - 20152 Milan.
    • PEC - write your request, also taking care to specify your name, your surname, the telephone number, the serial number of the SIM to be deactivated and the reason why you intend to proceed with the operation. Complete the documentation by adding your handwritten signature, attach the double-sided scan of your identification document and send it to the following e-mail address:
    • By telephone - call the 155 (Wind's customer service number) using your mobile or landline phone, listen to the welcome message and press the button to receive assistance from a consultant (should be the 2). Later, if you are calling directly from your Wind number, wait on the line, otherwise press the button 1 and type il telephone number in relation to which you intend to go to act. Next, crush the again button to receive assistance from a consultant (should be the 3), wait for an answer from an operator and explain to the latter what your needs are. Please note that specific questions may be asked to verify your true identity.
    • shop Wind - go to one of the many Wind centers present on the national territory and expose your needs to the sales assistant. You will most likely be asked specific questions to verify your identity. If you do not know where the Wind store closest to you is located, you can find out by looking for it on the special map on the operator's website.

    Regardless of the system chosen to proceed with the deactivation of the SIM, keep in mind that, depending on the provisions of the contract signed during the activation phase, you may find yourself having to bear some closing costs. For example, if the contract you signed with Wind provided for time constraints (e.g. from 12, 24, or 30 months) but you request cancellation in advance, you may be subject to the payment of penalties and additional costs calculated on the basis of any discounts and bonuses accrued at the time of subscription to the offer.

    Also keep in mind that in the event that you have done so purchase a smartphone, tablet or any other device with deferred payment, you may have to pay any missing installments. For all the details, I recommend that you consult the documentation provided by the operator as well as the Web page with the conditions relating to Wind services.

    Other systems to deactivate a Wind SIM

    If you wish switch to another operator carrying out the portability of your number and you are wondering how to deactivate a SIM Wind in this case, know that this happens practically automatically once the procedure is completed. Furthermore, a Wind SIM is automatically deactivated even at deadline of the same. For more details, please read on. You will find everything explained in great detail in the following lines.

    Switch to another manager

    As I told you, if it is your intention switch to another manager carrying out the portability of the number and you are trying to understand how to deactivate a SIM Wind, I am pleased to inform you that, in this case, you do not have to do absolutely anything in addition to the procedure that must be undertaken to change operator. Once you have chosen the new operator and the offer to be subscribed, in fact, the latter will take care of everything and once the portability is complete, your Wind card will deactivate automatically.

    To start the procedures necessary to carry out the portability of the number you can decide to contact the new operator in various ways, all those listed below.

    • Shop - you can apply for the portability of your Wind number by going to a shop of the new operator and explaining what your needs are to the sales person. Remember to also bring with you your valid identity document, your current SIM and tax code, which are essential to be able to submit the request. In addition, if you wish to subscribe to an offer that requires a credit card or current account to be charged, also have the reference credit card or your bank account details.
    • By telephone - do one phone call to the customer service of the new manager you wish to migrate to and tell the consultant what your intentions are. Therefore, indicate the promotion you wish to subscribe and provide the further details requested relating to your person and your current SIM Wind. Later, you will be sent a new SIM which, once the portability request is completed, you will have to use in place of the Wind one or which you can start using immediately, but with a provisional number.
    • Online - go to the website of the operator of your interest, choose the offer that suits you best and subscribe by requesting number portability. Once this is done, the new operator will send you his SIM that you can start using when portability is complete or immediately, but with a provisional number.

    If on your current SIM Wind you have del remaining credit, also request the transfer of the latter to the new card in advance. To do this, just select the appropriate option when signing the contract with the new operator or you can download, from the Wind website, the dedicated module, print it, fill it in with the required data and information, sign it and send it by recommended return, to the following address: Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA - Post office box 14155 - Post office Milan 65 - 20152 Milan MI.

    Regardless of the method chosen, generally the timing necessary to ensure that the transition from one operator to another is completed require a maximum two working days. In any case, once the process is complete, this will also be communicated to you via a specific informative SMS.

    If you are wondering what the expense that you have to support to carry out number portability, know that, usually, this is a totally operation free, the only thing to take into account are the costs necessary to take advantage of the new subscribed offer and, possibly, the one-off cost of the SIM and that necessary to activate the offer (which, however, in general, is offered to new customers at a discounted price).

    Also in the case of number portability, then, keep in mind that, depending on the provisions of the contract signed with Wind at the time of activation of the SIM, you may find yourself having to support additional costs, as I explained to you in the final part of the previous step.

    If you feel you need further explanations regarding the operations to be carried out to carry out number portability, I refer you to reading my specific tutorials dedicated to how to switch to TIM, how to switch to Vodafone and how to switch to Iliad. If the operator to which you want to migrate your number is different from those I have just indicated, instead, refer to my general guide on how to change telephone operator.

    Expiry of the SIM

    If you no longer intend to use your Wind SIM and you are not in a particular hurry and, above all, if it is a rechargeable one, you can deactivate it simply by letting it scada. In fact, if you don't top up your card for more than 13 months, the latter and the number associated with it will be automatically deactivated, as explained in detail on the Wind website, on the page relating to the conditions of use of the SIM.

    If, then, you have second thoughts and if the deactivation has not elapsed over a year, you will eventually activate again the card by following the instructions on what to do that I gave you in my guide on how to reactivate an expired SIM.

    How to deactivate subscriptions on SIM Wind

    You have read this guide with the utmost attention but what you were interested in knowing, in reality, is not how to deactivate a SIM Wind in general but how to get rid of subscriptions to any extra services active on your number? I see. Well, fear not, there is a remedy for this too: read my specific guide on how to deactivate Wind subscriptions and you will immediately find out how to proceed.

    If you are also interested in understanding how to deactivate one or more promotions active on your numbering, I suggest you read my post on how to disable Wind promotions. In all cases, don't worry, you won't have to do anything particularly complex or out of your reach.

    In case of dubbi or problem

    Did you slavishly follow my instructions on how to deactivate a SIM Wind but during construction something went wrong or are there some steps that are not very clear to you yet? Considering the circumstances, the best suggestion I can offer you is without a doubt to get in touch with the customer care of the famous manager.

    You can do this in several ways: phone or through social networks. Both systems are equally valid. For further information on this and to find out exactly how to proceed, read my specific guide on how to talk to a Wind operator.

    You can also consider using the guided assistance, by visiting the relative web page on the Wind website. It allows you to quickly find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about each type of service offered by the manager.

    Further useful information can also be found by connecting to the section of the operator's website dedicated, instead, toassistance and at FAQ's. In that case, what you need to do is search or select the relevant topic and read the related mini-guides that are proposed to you.

    If you then chose to deactivate your SIM Wind by requesting the number portability and you are having problems with the new operator, you can find out how to get in touch with the relevant customer service by consulting, depending on the reference operator, my tutorials on how to talk to a TIM operator, how to talk to a Vodafone operator and how to talk to an Iliad operator.

    How to disable SIM Wind

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