How to disable TIM automatic recharge

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How TIM automatic recharge works

To begin with, let me provide you with some more information on the service in question, so as to give you full awareness of what you intend to give up: TIM Automatic Recharge is a service that allows, in practice, to carry out automatic top-ups on your SIM by withdrawing the amount from a credit card, a debit card, an enabled prepaid card or a current account.

In this case, when subscribing to the service, two automatic top-up methods are activated at the same time: that on threshold base, which provides for the payment of a top-up of 5 € upon reaching the threshold of 3€ of residual credit, and the one on renewal basis, which provides, by Previous 24 hours the renewal date of each active offer on its line, the disbursement of an amount equal to the cost foreseen by the offer, except for offers that cost less than € 2, for those with direct domiciliation (credit card / current account) and for those with payment by means of a TIM bill.

Once the service has been activated, the automatic top-up methods can be freely changed: it is possible, for example, to change the "emergency" credit threshold, as well as the amount to be paid upon reaching the same, as well as completely deactivate automatic recharge on a renewal basis.

For security reasons, the service offered by TIM is subject to some limitations regarding the amount that can be paid: it is possible to receive at most 50 € / day for automatic top-up operations, for a maximum limit of 150 € / month total charge per line. Furthermore, it is not possible to carry out more than one automatic recharge per day on a threshold basis.

If you wish to obtain further explanations on the service, I invite you to consult the section Info and support TIM Automatic Recharge present on the dedicated page made available to the operator.

How to disable TIM automatic top-up via the online customer area

You no longer find this service necessary and want to disable automatic recharge TIM in the shortest time possible? Then I advise you to proceed using the personal area dedicated to your telephone line, accessible through the MyTIM portal.

To use it, first connect to the operator's website and press the button MyTIM located at the top right. In the box that opens, type the login credentials associated with your account in the appropriate text boxes.

If you do not yet have a MyTIM account, proceed as follows instead: again from the aforementioned Internet page, click on the button MyTIM, choose the item Subscribe from the proposed box and fill in the form that is proposed to you with yours email address and Password you want to use to access TIM's online services. Then move the to the right lever placed at the bottom of the page and press the button NEXT.

At this point, enter yours telephone number in the appropriate text field, check the option I declare that I am the owner of the number entered, press again NEXT, enter the verification code that you will receive via SMS and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the registration.

Once logged in, select the tab MyTIM Mobile to access the management panel of your line. Well: now you finally have the possibility to change the conditions of the automatic top-up associated with your subscription (e.g. raise / lower the minimum credit threshold or disable the automatic top-up on a renewal basis) or to completely deactivate the service.

To do this, click on the tab Services and expand the section Automatic top-up services (For Prepaid SIM) pressing the button in the shape of down arrow corresponding to it, identifies the item TIM Automatic Recharge, then press the button vai located in the relevant box and follow the instructions on the screen to finalize the deactivation of the service (or the change of its conditions).

At the end of the procedure, you will receive a confirmation SMS directly on your TIM number: it wasn't difficult at all, was it?

How to disable TIM automatic top-up by phone call

How do you say? Were you unable to deactivate the automatic top-up service with the procedure I have just explained to you? Don't worry, you can ask a TIM operator to complete this operation for you, by making a free call to customer service through the number on which to request the deactivation of the service.

All you have to do is dial the number 119 on your phone keypad and start the call by pressing the button in the shape of handset: after listening to the introduction by the guide, you should be put in direct contact with a real operator. Alternatively, listen carefully to the instructions of the voice guide and press the suggested keys to speak to an operator.

If the operator is not directly available, you can take advantage of the booking service made available by TIM by pressing the button 1: in this way, the assistance will be "booked" and you will be contacted by an operator as soon as possible. However, this has an additional cost of 1€, which is taken from the remaining credit or charged directly to the invoice.

If you are unable to communicate with the TIM operator and you need a hand to reach the goal, I advise you to read very carefully my in-depth analysis on how to speak with TIM operator, in which I took care to explain everything to you in detail. .

Have you finally managed to deactivate the automatic top-up TIM and now would you like to repeat the operation with other services and promotions associated with your SIM, which you consider completely useless? Then I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to disable TIM promotions, which I have prepared especially for the purpose.

How to disable TIM automatic recharge

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