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    How to disable Voice 4G TIM

    What is Voce 4G TIM

    How to disable Voice 4G TIM

    Before explaining in detail how to disable Voice 4G TIM, you may find it useful to know the details of this service, the costs, the reason why it was activated even without your authorization and, subsequently, decide whether to proceed with the deactivation.

    Voce 4G TIM is a service that the well-known telephone company automatically activates free of charge for all customers with a rechargeable SIM and an enabled smartphone (here is the complete list). The service is based on VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology and allows you to make high quality telephone calls using the 4G network. If the recipient of the call also has the service active and an enabled smartphone, the voice is clearer during the call and background noises are attenuated.

    Among the advantages of Voce 4G TIM (and VoLTE technology in general), there is also the possibility of calling and using the phone's data connection at the same time. However, Voce 4G TIM also has disadvantages, such as less fluid calls in areas of poor coverage and higher consumption of the phone's battery.

    As for the costs, as I mentioned earlier, the service has no activation costs or recurring fees. In addition, 4G TIM voice calls are priced as normal voice traffic and are included in the offer you have active on your SIM. Deactivation is also free of charge and can be done at any time.

    Deactivate Voice 4G TIM from telephone

    How to disable Voice 4G TIM

    It's possible deactivate Voice 4G TIM from the phone both independently and with the assistance of an operator of the cittàn telephone company. Unfortunately, however, the deactivation function is not available in MyTIM Mobile, the TIM application for Android and iOS devices that allows you to manage your mobile line.

    To deactivate Voce 4G TIM independently from the phone, take your smartphone and dial the number 40916. After listening to the welcome message and the credit available on your SIM, press the button 2 to access the management section of your line and then press the button 1 to find out about the active offers. Now, wait for the recorded voice to list all the offers active on your SIM and the related details, then press the button 1 to deactivate the offers and press the button associated with the deactivation of You 4G TIM. Then follow the instructions provided by the guide to complete the deactivation of the service.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to deactivate Voice 4G TIM by talking to a real operator, take your phone, call up the numeric keypad and dial the number 119. After listening to the welcome message, press the button 2 to access your line information, click on the button 2 to get assistance and press the button again 2 to receive commercial and administrative assistance. Now, press the button 1 to know the status of your offers, otherwise press the button 4 to speak to an operator to request the deactivation of the 4G TIM voice option.

    Please note: the key combinations to press after calling 40916 and 119 are subject to change, so be sure to follow the guidance in the voice guide carefully if you want to avoid mistakes.

    As mentioned above, it is not possible to deactivate Voce 4G TIM using the application MyTIM Mobile. However, you can consult the status of the service and the activation date.

    After downloading MyTIM Mobile from your device's store, start it by tapping its icon (one white smartphone on blue background) on the home screen and log in to your account. If you are on a data network, login is automatic, otherwise enter your access data in the fields Username e Password e fai tap sul pulsating Login. Now, access the section My line and tap on the item 4G Voice Option to view its details.

    Disable Voice 4G TIM from computer

    How to disable Voice 4G TIM

    It was preferred disable Voice 4G TIM from computer, you can proceed independently through the reserved area MyTIM Mobile. From here, you can check the status of the service, view its details and proceed with deactivation with a simple click.

    To deactivate Voice 4G TIM from the MyTIM Mobile personal area, connected to the TIM website, click on the item MyTIM present at the top right, enter your data in the fields Username e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in. If you have not yet registered on the TIM website, click on the item MyTIM e seleziona l'opzione Subscribe.

    On the newly opened page, enter your details in the fields insert your email e Enter your password, move the cursor to the right and press the button NEXT. Now, enter yours telephone number, put the check mark next to the item I declare that I am the owner of the number entered and click sul pulsating NEXT, then enter the verification code received via SMS and that's it. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to register on the TIM website.

    After logging into the MyTIM personal area, make sure the tab is selected at the top MyTIM Mobile and access the section My line. Then locate the entry 4G Voice Option to view the activation date and, if you wish, pause with the mouse on the icon i to view its details. To deactivate the service, click on the relevant button disable and presses the button Confirmation. The written The 4G Voice Option offer has been deactivated will confirm that the service has been deactivated.

    Alternative solution

    How to disable Voice 4G TIM

    In addition to deactivating Voce 4G TIM by following the instructions provided in the previous paragraphs, there is one alternative solution to make the service inactive by using the settings on your smartphone. By doing so, the TIM service remains active (and therefore in case of second thoughts it will not be necessary to follow the activation procedure) but your smartphone is disabled for its use.

    There is a smartphone equipped with Android, to deactivate calls in 4G, tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio present on the home screen of your device to access the Settings, then select the item related to Mobile networks, access the section relating to 4G / LTE and disable the option to use this technology (the procedure may be different depending on the version of Android and the smartphone used).

    If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone 6 or later, access the Settings iOS, tap on the item Mobile phone and access the section Cellular data options, then tap on the item Enable 4G and check the option next to the option Data only. To learn more about the subject and know the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to disable Vo LTE.

    How to disable Voice 4G TIM

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