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    How to deactivate All Inclusive

    How to deactivate rechargeable All Inclusive

    Have you signed up for arechargeable All Inclusive offer? Then know that there are three ways to request the cancellation of a plan: the first involves the "classic" phone call to the operator's technical support, the second involves using the WINDTRE app, the third is going to the store . Find everything explained below.


    How to deactivate All Inclusive

    If you prefer to act from phone, you can get in touch with WINDTRE customer service by calling 159. As soon as you get in touch with a WINDTRE customer care operator, you can communicate to the latter your desire to deactivate the rechargeable All Inclusive offer.

    Provide, therefore, to contact the 159 and follow the instructions of the voice guide to speak to a consultant. At the time of writing, to speak with an operator, after starting the call you have to stay on hold, press the button 2, wait again and then press the button 5. To receive assistance on another number, however, you must remain on hold, then press the button 1 and then type the number to receive assistance.

    Keep in mind, however, that the combination I have just indicated is subject to frequent changes, so always follow the guided instructions of the recorded voice. When the WINDTRE consultant will assist you, inform him of your intention to deactivate the All Inclusive offer and follow the instructions he will give you to complete the operation.

    The call is free if it is made from a WINDTRE number (provided this does not happen from abroad) and it is possible to contact customer service at any day and time (but I recommend you do it from 08:00 to avoid problems).


    How to deactivate All Inclusive

    In case you prefer to contact WINDTRE from her Whatsapp for Android (also present on alternative stores) and iOS / iPadOS, know that this is feasible. To do this, after installing and running it, go to your account or create it (if you don't have one yet). To do the latter, provide the your WINDTRE number and confirm your identity by typing the verification code that you should receive by SMS within a few moments. More info here.

    Then press the icon oflittle man located at the bottom right, write "Disable all inclusive" in testo field located at the bottom and then tap on the symbol ofletter aeroplanino located on the right and then press the button Yes to agree to speak to an operator.

    Within a few moments your request will be handled by a WINDTRE customer care operator who you can ask to deactivate the All Inclusive promotion active on your SIM. Carefully follow the directions he will give you to complete the procedure smoothly.


    How to deactivate All Inclusive

    One of the simplest ways to deactivate All Inclusive (or any other offer active on the WINDTRE SIM) is to go to shop. If you opt for this mode, all you have to do is go to a WINDTRE store in your area and ask one of the consultants there to help you complete the operation in question.

    To find the nearest store, go to the WINDTRE website e granted Google Maps to access your position by clicking on the appropriate button that appeared on the screen. Identify, therefore, the WINDTRE store that is most convenient for you to reach, go there and tell the shop assistants that you intend to deactivate the All Inclusive offer active on your SIM.

    How to deactivate the All Inclusive subscription

    How to deactivate All Inclusive

    If you have subscribed to an All Inclusive subscription plan (eg. All Inclusive Unlimited), you can cancel the offer in three different ways: by changing operator and requesting number portability, by switching to a rechargeable Wind plan, by switching to another subscription plan by Wind.

    The offer without telephone included provides for the cancellation of the activation costs for those who respect the contractual obligation of 12 months. This means that if before this deadline you switch to another operator, to a rechargeable Wind plan or to another Wind subscription plan that does not provide the same type of discount, you must pay an amount equal to 50 € as a refund for the promotion you used when you activated the All Inclusive offer.

    The offer All Inclusive with telephone included does not provide for the reimbursement of the activation cost (which is in any case 0 euro) but obliges the user who makes the withdrawal to pay, in a single solution, all the remaining installments for the purchase of the smartphone + the maxi-final installment (which it should not be paid if the contractual obligation of 24/30 months is respected). To find out how much the final maxi-installment of your device amounts to, consult the contractual conditions of your offer.

    If you want to request the complete cancellation of your contract (and therefore the termination of the line), send a registered letter with return receipt to the address Wind Tre SpA CD MILAN BAGGIO ADDRESS PO Box 159 20.152 MILAN MI attaching to it a copy of a valid identity document. The request should be accepted within 30 days. You can find pre-printed templates of the cancellation letter to send to Wind by doing a simple Google search.

    If you have any other doubts about the procedure to follow, do not hesitate to contact a WINDTRE operator via the 159 or through the operator's online support service. Find the number to call WINDTRE and the instructions for using the operator's online assistance services in my tutorial on the subject.

    How to deactivate All Inclusive

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