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    How to disable iPhone location

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    How to turn off iPhone location for friends (Find My Friends)

    If you are about to go to a place for strictly personal reasons and you would like your friends or relatives not to know about it, you can temporarily disable the location within the app Find my friends. By doing so, anyone who follows you will no longer be able to see your movements, however you will continue to see the people you are following; moreover, you can still continue to receive new requests, but you will no longer be sent notifications regarding your position changes or those of your friends.

    All clear? OK, let's proceed. First, launch the app Find my friends calling it from the folder Extras iPhone, tap the item Io placed immediately below the list of active friends and move up OFF the levetta Share my location; finally, press the button end located at the top right.

    If necessary, you can also permanently disable location services linked to apps Find my friends Messages: in this way, your current position will no longer be shared with the contacts who in turn use these apps; however, you will no longer be able to follow the movements of contacts added in Find My Friends, take advantage of the automations configured in the Home app, or use specific Siri requests on HomePod.

    Having clarified this, you can disable location sharing in the following way: tap on the Settings attached to the home screen of the "iPhone by", touch the items PrivacyLocation Share my location, then move up OFF the levetta Share my location And that's it.

    How to turn off iPhone location on iCloud (Find My iPhone)

    As you well know, the location of the iPhone on iCloud, that is the functionality Find my iPhone, it is extremely useful for protecting and tracing the device in case of theft or loss; however, this feature must necessarily be disabled in order to initialize the device from a computer, or to unlock it if you want to sell it or give it to an acquaintance.

    If this is your case, you can proceed to disable the Find My iPhone service as follows: first, access the settings iOS by tapping on the icon in the form ofgear attached to the Home screen, tap on yours name and, in no time, your voice iCloud.

    At this point, fai tap sulla voce Find my iPhone placed lower and move the lever of the same name up OFF; finally, type the password dell'ID Apple currently configured on your phone and press the button disable to finalize the operation.

    How do you say? Have you already sold your device and has the new buyer contacted you asking you to unlock it? No problem! You can use the iCloud web interface to deal with this: after connecting to the website of the service from any computer browser, scroll the summary page of the account until you reach the list of associated devices, click on the icon of theiPhone on which to deactivate the service and then on the voice Remove iPhone give the riquadro che si apre.

    If you need additional information regarding the steps to take to disable the Find My iPhone feature, I invite you to take a look at the specific tutorial I have dedicated to the topic.

    How to turn off GPS tracking on iPhone

    Do you want disable iPhone location completely, by disabling the GPS features on the device? All right, then this is the section of the tutorial where you will find the instructions that are right for you.

    Before proceeding, however, I must warn you that by doing so, you will no longer be able to use the GPS even within the navigation apps or for any other reason, unless you intend to locate a lost phone using the feature. Find my iPhone (always if you have not manually disabled the latter). For this reason, if your goal is to prevent the localization by specific apps (eg Facebook or WhatsApp), I recommend that you follow the instructions indicated in the following chapters of this guide.

    If, on the other hand, you have every intention of preventing the iPhone from using your current location in any way, proceed as follows: Open the Settings of the "iPhone by" touching the icon in the shape ofgear placed on the Home screen, tap on the items GeneraliPrivacy Locationsposta su OFF the lever at the top of the next screen and confirms the willingness to proceed

    TFrom the same screen, you can also disable access to GPS even for some apps. To do this, simply tap on its name and then on the item Mai attached to the panel proposed below.

    How to disable whatsapp iPhone location

    Disable WhatsApp Location on iPhoneHowever, without completely “disconnecting” the GPS from the phone, it is not difficult at all: it is sufficient to revoke the access permissions to the location services from the app. In this way, it will no longer be possible to attach your position within the chats on request, nor to activate the automatic sharing of the position in real time (which will no longer be available even for contacts already configured previously).

    All clear? Perfect! First, then, tap on the icon Settings placed on the home screen of the "iPhone by", look for the item related to WhatsApp in the list that is proposed to you and, when you have found it, press on it. Then put the check mark on the item Mai, by tapping on the latter, and that's it: starting from this moment, WhatsApp will no longer have permission to access the current position, with everything that follows.

    If, on the other hand, you want to disable only the sharing of the position in real time with all the contacts (or groups) on which you had previously activated it, start the WhatsApp app, tap on the icon Settings placed at the bottom right and then on the items Account, Privacy Real-time location; finally, tap the button twice in a row Stop sharing to prevent the contact in question from still having access to your movements.

    Note: to stop sharing the position in real time with a single contact or group, enter his chat window, locate the "balloon" relating to sharing the position, tap the button Stop sharing attached to the latter and confirms the will to proceed by pressing again on the homonymous button that appears on the screen.

    How to disable Facebook iPhone location

    Exactly as seen above, it is possible disable Facebook location on iPhone without completely disabling the GPS detector of the "iPhone by" acting directly from the settings of the app (and iOS).

    To proceed, start the Facebook app calling it from the phone's Home screen, press the button  located at the bottom right and select the item Settings from the proposed menu; at this point, identify the box Privacy and tap the option Location placed inside.

    Once in the new screen, deactivate the archiving of the location history (i.e. the automatic saving of the places visited) by moving on OFF the appropriate lever and, if you wish, delete the positions saved over time by accessing the section View your location history: from here, press the button (...) located at the top right and tap the button twice in a row Delete all location history.

    When you're done, close the Facebook app and, once you're back on the iPhone home screen, tap the button Settings, identifies the item relating to Facebook in the proposed list, presses on the latter, touches the item Location and, to stop the app from accessing your phone's location services, choose the option Mai from the panel shown next.

    How to disable iPhone location

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