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    10 new alternative browsers to Chrome and Firefox, different and worth trying

    There are many people who swear allegiance to Google Chrome o a Mozilla Firefox as the default program but these two are not the only browsers that can be used to browse Internet sites.
    Competition raises the quality of this type of program and, fortunately, there is a 'wide choice of alternatives and similar browsers between them but with different characteristics which can be more or less useful depending on your needs.
    Chrome and Firefox are excellent programs, updated continuously, but in the long run they can get bored, especially those who would like something different.
    Considering the many ways in which it is possible to browse the Internet and considering needs that Chrome and Firefox do not meet (for example on old or cheap PCs), in this guide we will therefore show you the 10 new PC browsers alternative to Chrome and Firefox.

    Best alternative browsers to Chrome and Firefox

    Many of the browsers that we will recommend are distinguished from Chrome and Firefox for some often underestimated features such as security and respect for privacy, but also for some useful features on old PCs or with low RAM memory such as simple interface, low consumption of the process in memory and peaceful CPU usage.

    Tor Browser

    The first web browser that we recommend trying as an alternative to the more famous ones is without a shadow of a doubt Tor Browser.

    With this browser, based on Mozilla Firefox, we will have all the necessary tools to be able to surf the Internet anonymously, leaving no trace of the sites we have searched for or visited (even with tools that delete the traces left on the PC). Anonymity is guaranteed by access to the Tor network, a large worldwide network that allows you to hide network traffic in a simple and virtually impossible to trace.
    If we are interested in our privacy and want to visit websites without leaving a trace, we recommend that you use the Tor Browser and also follow the advice in our guides Download Tor Browser anonymous, country, portable e Surf anonymously on the internet with proxy, vpn and fake IP address.

    SRWare Iron

    Another very interesting browser to try for its speed is SRWare Iron.

    This browser is based on Chromium but is a speed optimized version and is in fact presented as a Double speed chrome. SRWare Iron Browser has been emptied from the presence of Google, it does not send anonymous information and statistics to the outside, it works identically to Chrome and we can install all the normal extensions and scripts provided for the latter but with a decidedly more page load fast. SRWare Iron can be downloaded as a portable version and is the browser I have recommended you use for visit the sites in a light version (mobile) from your computer.


    If we are looking for a browser with modern features that is not too heavy in memory, we can try Vivaldi.

    This browser is profoundly different from those seen so far, even if it derives from Chrome it offers a completely different and innovative browsing experience thanks to the left sidebar, the advanced tab management system and compatibility with Chrome extensions, so you can always install those that please us.
    If you are looking for something new that can run smoothly even on PCs with low RAM, this is probably the best browser we can install at the moment (there are others that are lighter but are lacking in functionality or with ugly interfaces).


    Another little-known but very nice browser to use is Opera.

    Similarly to Vivaldi, it offers a ribbon on the left side of the window, advanced management of open tabs, a fully customizable home screen and a free and integrated VPN, useful for reducing the tracking of activities on sites and protecting browsing from hackers and by spies. It is similar to Vivaldi, so it certainly represents the best alternative for those who want a modern, captivating and light browser.
    Note that Opera also has an optimized version for gamers called Opera GX, which is very fun and beautiful to look at.

    Other alternative browsers

    If we have tried the browsers reported so far but they haven't convinced us completely, we can also test one of the browsers in the following list, so that we can find the right one for us:
    • Maxthon, in addition to being fast, also has very interesting features such as mouse gestures, bookmarks synchronized with Maxthon account, speed dial, popup blocker, online notepad, RSS reader, instant translator, screen capture tools, sniffer that detects the streaming video sources to download and other stuff.
      Maxthon is also a browser for Android and iPhone.
    • Comodo Dragon: Comodo is a company that produces computer security software. Comodo Dragon is a browser (based on Chromium) for browse the internet securely, with full privacy control and with identification of SSL certificates. With the incognito mode it stops all cookies and does not download trackers that can identify a user. It is not a browser to browse completely anonymously but it guarantees one safe navigation from the dangers of the internet and does not allow sites to run virus or phishing codes (deception pages for bank or credit card scams).
    • Chromium: is the browser web open source da cui nasce Google Chrome and in fact it is absolutely identical, only the Google logo is missing. The only thing they are different in is that on Chromium you can disable the crash reporting and usage statistics that Chrome sends to Google. Chromium does not have the built-in flash plugin nor the PDF reader, thus showing some shortcomings compared to the commercial version.
      However, the Chrome Web Store extensions are all installable on Chromium, normally and with full compatibility. Chromium can run concurrently with Chrome because they are two different programs and two different installations.
    • Palemoon: If SRWare Iron is the fast browser based on Chrome, PaleMoon is the fastest version of Firefox. Of this alternative browser I have written a specific article indicating Pale Moon as the lightest, fastest and most optimized Firefox.
    • Lunascape: is a particular browser that integrates Chrome Firefox, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer in a single interface.
    • Slimjet, one of the lightest and fastest browsers
    • K-Meleon is a very complete, fast and customizable Firefox-based browser, absolutely worth trying.
    • Brave Browser, based on Chrome and among the most appreciated by those who want to protect their online privacy
    • Waterfox, a version of Firefox optimized for 64-bit PCs
    • Otter browser, based on Opera 12, for the nostalgic of the old Opera.


    The browser is certainly the most useful tool on a PC, as it allows us to access all websites quickly and securely. Even if everyone now uses Chrome and (to a lesser extent) Firefox, we can test many alternative browsers, so as to obtain optimized functions or enhanced security and privacy, really useful for browsing modern websites.

    In another article we told you about Lighter and more portable browsers to use on any PC; if we are looking for the best browsers for Android and iPhone, we advise you to continue reading our article Best Android Browser for Smartphones and Tablets.

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