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    How to read Android notifications on Windows, Mac and Linux

    What happens if we work on a computer Apple, Windows or Linux but we have a smartphone Android? Every time to read the smartphone notifications we will have to leave the PC, right? No, despite the incompatible operating systems, in fact, it is possible sync notifications […]

    How to disable Digital Post Office Collection

    What is Digital Withdrawal of Poste cittàneBefore we get into the matter and see how to deactivate Digital Post Office Withdrawal, it seems only right to give you some more details on that what is the Digital Withdrawal service of Poste cittàne, if you are not […]

    What to do if the site's SSL security certificate fails

    Sometimes, when opening a website, the browser may display this error / warning message: "There is a problem with the website's security certificate". You can then decide to continue visiting the site or to exit, but what is the meaning of this message? To explain […]

    How to disband eMule Windows 7

    Preliminary operationAs I told you at the beginning of the article, the reason why, in most cases, a black band on eMule icon it is because, in the router used to access the Internet, the ports that the program uses to receive incoming connections and communicate […]

    How to install Windows 10 drivers

    Preliminary informationBefore getting into the tutorial, I want to tell you one important thing: to install any driver on Windows 10, in the vast majority of cases, just use the tools included in the operating system.My advice, therefore, is to stay away from all […]

    Windows 10, discovered the new Millennium Bug that crashes the PC

    In 1999 the so-called "Millennium Bug"scared millions of people, because it was feared that by the year 2000, most computers would have trouble handling the new date. Now. another similar bug appears, which affects Windows 10, but that does not scare anyone. […]

    Chromecast doesn't work or jerks: how to fix

    The Chromecast is certainly one of the most used devices in the living room or on old LCD TVs without a Smart component, since it allows you to view video content and streaming streams taken from the Web and also show content taken from Facebook or other social […]