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    Windows 10, login is done without a password

    While they try to fix the problems reported by users who have installed the May Update 2019, Microsoft engineers continue to work on the innovations that will be introduced with the next 20H1 update, that is, the one that will arrive in the first half of 2020 (the […]

    Windows Solitaire

    Windows Solitaire onlineWorld of SolitaireNet SolitaireGoogle SolitaireClassic Windows SolitaireDo you want to restore the Windows lonely on a PC equipped with Windows 10 o Windows 8 / 8.1? Nothing easier. As I told you at the beginning, just download […]

    How to restore damaged videos

    Player to play damaged videosVLC (Windows / Mac)GOM Player (Windows)Programs to restore damaged videosStellar Phoenix Video Repair (Windows / Mac)Digital Video Repair (Windows)Codec to restore damaged videosDo you want to restore damaged videos so that you can […]

    Find out where friends write to us on Facebook

    A Cambridge student developer has created a Chrome extension that works much like Harry Potter's Marauders map, to find out where friends write to us using Facebook Messenger. The extension allows you to see every move of the friends you are chatting with via […]

    Windows 10, comes the massive update that fixes many bugs

    After the recent updates for the latest versions of Windows 10, released by Microsoft at the turn of February and mid-March, now the Redmond house also thinks about those who still use versions 1809, 1803, 1709 and 1607 of the Windows 10 operating systems and Windows […]

    How to hibernate Windows 7

    Hibernation Windows 7: what is itAs I partially mentioned in the introduction of the guide, when in the IT field you hear about hibernation, we refer to a computer shutdown mode that allows you to save energy compared to “traditional” stand-by and time compared […]

    Windows 10 released an update for the printer issue

    Windows 10 has released an update in these hours to solve the problem with printers emerged in the last few days after the security update released on June 9th. Microsoft couldn't wait any longer: too much of the stir created by the problem and too many people […]

    Windows 10, the latest update makes Paint and Notepad disappear

    After the last Windows 10 cumulative security update, on Patch Tuesday in July 2020 which brought 123 fixes against as many vulnerabilities in Microsoft's operating system, some users report the disappearance of some pieces of Windows history: apps Paint and Notepad. […]