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    What is a WiFi booster and how does it work?

    Do you have WiFi reception problems at home and need to extend the reception range? Maybe WiFi signal boosters are for you. You can easily effortlessly double the signal reception and reach every corner of your home. There are several types that each have their […]

    Faster and smoother Google Maps Lite version

    The new Google Maps, available to everyone for not too long, has gorgeous full-screen graphics and all its functions easily accessible from the menus at the bottom and top. The only problem is that Google Maps weighs on the performance of the computer and requires […]

    10 Internet Security Extensions for Chrome

    You can never be 100% sure on the internet, every time you open a connection the risk of some virus or malware penetrating your computer is always high. As I always repeat, IT security depends 90% on our actions and the first piece of advice that we must always […]

    Windows security issues, Google detects a dangerous flaw

    Let's put it like this: Microsoft didn't really appreciate it. On the contrary. The fact is that the omelette is now done. On October 31st, through a post on his blog dedicated to security, Google revealed the existence of a dangerous flaw in Windows, which would […]

    How to download Plex on PC, TV, Android, iOS, NAS

    Plex is a multimedia player and a complete media center capable of playing any video or audio track on the device in which it is installed at the highest quality. With Plex we will be able to obtain all the information on a particular film or music album in a […]

    4 tips for switching from Windows to Mac

    Make the transition from Windows to Mac it's not as simple as it may seem. We are talking about two completely different worlds, which do not communicate with each other and which are constantly fighting to conquer new followers. If, however, one is […]