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    How to update Windows Media Player

    Update Windows Media Player manuallyIf you are interested in understanding how to update Windows Media Player manually, the first operation you need to do is to start the program on your computer. To do this, he clicks on the menu Home, type Windows Media Player […]

    Programs for Windows XP

    FreeRAM XP ProFortunately, in Windows 7 and Vista that has changed, but Windows XP has one RAM management which has several gaps. This causes some closed programs to leave some data in memory which unnecessarily occupies RAM space. FreeRAM XP Pro is a free program […]

    Android 11: the Galaxy S2 gets an update 9 years later

    The Lineage OS teams have released a new ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II allowing the old flagship to take advantage of Android 11. However, this port is far from perfect, since certain services, in particular telephone services, are not supported. in charge. Also, […]

    Windows 10 is updated with many new features: what they are

    As happens for many applications, too Windows 10 he has one beta version in which they come tested in preview all the new functions and tools that will be released later on the "official" version. Microsoft has just released for the beta version one of the biggest […]

    What to do if Windows system restore fails

    Il system restore is one of the key tools for any computer. In case of bugs and sudden problems this function allows you to restore files and programs blocked during an active session. If the documents were to have been damaged, restoring could also allow us to […]

    Windows 10, new problems with updates: what happens

    It was supposed to be the update that fixed all Windows 10 problems, but it actually caused new ones. Last week we told you about Microsoft's release of theupdate KB4535996, an optional update that promised to eliminate all the malfunctions encountered by users […]