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    All Android notifications visible on the PC in real time

    Thanks to an excellent application it is now possible view any notification from your Android mobile phone, on your computer. In this way, even if the mobile phone is kept in your pocket, in another room or with the silent ringtone, there will be no danger of […]

    Windows 10, a massive security update arrives: what changes

    Waiting for the Windows 10 May Update 2020 be made official, Microsoft announces that it is distributing the May security update for its operating system in these hours. While part of the technicians and developers are in fact finalizing the details of the […]

    Download Facebook account: save all content

    Whether for security, curiosity or nostalgia, you can recover all the data from your Facebook account: posts, comments, photos, conversations... The operation is free, simple and fast. As soon as you create an account, Facebook records absolutely […]

    How to deactivate iTunes subscription

    How to deactivate iTunes subscription on PC / Macwant deactivate an active subscription on iTunes acting from yours PC or give you Mac? Nothing could be simpler, all you have to do is download iTunes to your computer (if you haven't done so yet or if, for […]

    How Google Chrome OS works, the system of the Chromebook

    Among the operating systems that we can use on PCs we also find Chrome OS, the operating system developed by Google for its dedicated devices (Chromebooks) but that we can also download as a test on traditional computers, so you can try something different than […]

    How to clean Windows registry

    Clean the Windows system director manuallySoftware to clean the Windows registryFirst of all, let's try to understand how to clean the Windows system registry using appropriate programs. Below you will find indicated and explained those that in my opinion represent […]

    Create tab groups in Chrome

    Google Chrome offers several options for managing open tabs and windows in the browser. For example, the tabs can be fixed so that they always remain present and gives the possibility to reopen recent tabs as soon as they are closed in Chrome. However, those who […]