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    Clear Google history, searches and open sites

    Google records everything we search for and do on its YouTube, Google Maps, Android, etc. applications. This automatic function of each Google service allows users to be able to review videos they have already seen without searching for them twice (see also how delete Youtube history), to be able to retrieve searches made in the past (including voice searches made by the phone) and return to the places where you have already been (see also how to clear or disable location history in google maps)

    As explained in these articles it is always possible to disable the history of Google apps and also delete search data if you want to eliminate traces of your activities. But while before it was necessary to go through a page dedicated to Google data privacy, very hidden and impossible to find if you did not know its existence, now it is possible review and delete your recent search history directly from your PC or smartphone browser.

    Before starting, it is important to know that Google history it activates only when you are connected with Google account, che può essere creato e utilizzato su tutti i servizi targati Google ossia: Gmail, smartphone o tablet Android, Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Maps e tanti altri servizi. Solo in questo caso, quando vediamo il nostro nome in alto a destra sulla home page di, the history is recorded and stored over time. No history is recorded by Google if you use the browser's incognito mode.

    Delete Google history from PC

    To view, manage and delete this Google history or to deactivate it we will simply have to open a web browser on our computer and open the page Your data in search.

    To access this page, you can do any search on Google and then, in the top menu, click on Settings and then your data in search. You can then scroll down the page to find the section dedicated to Your research activity, with two buttons below: Delete Last Hour or Eliminate all search activity.

    From this page by pressing the button Google activity, we can also reach the Google activity page, where we can find out any data saved by Google applications and services.

    On the search history page, you can find the link Manage your search history, where you can press the button Delete and choose to clear the entire search history or just today or even a custom time interval. You can also delete items from the Google history directly from the list, by selecting them one by one or by pressing the X next to the word Today.
    If we use the calendar button above, we can select a specific day or time period and then clear that day's history completely.
    You can also search the history to remove specific searches from the list.
    Finally, note that it is possible to activate the option ofautomatic deletion of Google history, so that activities older than 3 months, 18 or 36 months are automatically deleted.
    Finally, by pressing the Controls key on the left side of the page, it is possible to deactivate the history, so as not to store the searches made in the Google account.

    Delete Google history from smartphone or tablet

    The same operations to clear the Google history we can also make them from uno smartphone Android o su iPhone, by opening the Google app (available for Android and iPhone / iPad), by pressing on the bottom right of the menu Other and pressing on the voice Your data in Search.

    The window is completely identical to the Web page seen before and allows you to delete the history of the last hour or the entire search history by pressing the two buttons Delete last hour o Delete all activity in Search (available by scrolling across the screen).
    To access all the activities of the various Google services, just press on Other, then press on the account name at the top, press on Manage your Google account and finally go to the tab Data and personalization.

    Clear Chrome History

    What many may ignore is that if you use the Chrome browser on any computer or on Android and iPhone smartphones not only searches are recorded in the history, but also all the sites visited from these devices. The page of Web and app activity, in fact, it not only includes the searches made, but also the sites visited with Chrome on every device that uses the same Google account, even those opened on Android smartphones and tablets.
    To be able to delete the Chrome history stored online, simply open the Activity Management page for the History of Google Chrome.

    Using the key Delete everything on the left side we will be able to quickly delete all the data that Google Chrome has communicated to our Google account. Regardless of whether or not the account is present Google Chrome retains, like any browser, the history data of the sites visited keeping them in the memory of your computer or mobile phone.
    To clear the history of sites visited with Chrome, both on PC and on Chrome for smartphones and tablets, we advise you to read our guide on how how to clear history on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE.


    In a world that stores and saves everything we do online (in many cases to resell our digital profile and our habits to the highest bidder), Google offers valid tools to access all the data collection regarding the searches carried out on the engine. search (from Web or app, smartphone, tablet or PC) allowing us to delete everything with a few clicks of the mouse or with a few taps on the screen of our mobile device.
    We have already talked about this in the past with at least two articles on how see your Google search history and on the page that collects all data recorded by Google apps.

    Always on the subject, we advise you to read our article on how delete sites visited on mobile and computer, so as to know in detail other procedures for deleting data on the sites visited.
    If, on the other hand, we particularly care about our privacy and want to browse anonymously, we recommend that you read our articles on how to do it right away delete site data and history when Chrome and Firefox are closed and how surf anonymously on the internet with proxy, vpn and fake IP address.

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