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    Extensions to save on online purchases (Chrome and Firefox)

    L'e-commerce è una grande realtà anche in el paese grazie ai prezzi bassi, alla possibilità di acquistare in qualsiasi momento e ai prezzi tendenzialmente più bassi rispetto alle grandi catene di supermercati e centri commerciali.
    But finding the right price could prove to be a feat of all the ecommerce sites now available: how to choose the lowest or most convenient price (also considering the shipping costs)?
    We can get help from some extensions to be installed on the web browser we use, so that we can compare the purchase price in one or more stores at any time.
    We will show you the best extensions to save on online purchases for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, without a doubt two of the most used browsers.

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    Extensions to save on Google Chrome
    Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers at the moment and has numerous extensions reserved for shopping!
    Those present below will allow you to save money and ensure maximum safety both while shopping and during the transit of goods.

    1) Amazon Assistant for Chrome: excellent extension for those who buy often on Amazon and need to monitor the prices of the most sought-after items. With this extension we will also be able to add any object to the wish list, even outside of Amazon, so as to get a notification if the object is found on Amazon or is inserted. One of the best, to be installed absolutely if we often shop on Amazon.

    2) Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker: this extension is integrated within the Amazon pages and shows a graph with the price trend over time of any item on sale.
    In this way we can evaluate if the price offered by Amazon at a given time is the lowest available and if the item has already received lower or higher prices in the past.
    The extension can also notify you when an item we track reaches a lower price so that you can only buy it when it's convenient.

    3) eBay per Chrome: with this extension we will be able to search on eBay for any item for sale or auction, receive notifications in the browser on items that are about to expire and monitor the prices of the items we follow.

    4) Ebates: This extension provides automatic coupons and discounts to redeem every time we make an online purchase on one of the supported sites. It will be sufficient to install it and wait for the notification at the time of purchase: if the coupon is still valid you will get a strong discount on the final price.

    5) AliExpress Shopping and Refund: with this extension we will be able to accumulate points and money every time we buy an item on AliExpress, so that we can reuse them for new purchases. In addition to bonuses and discounts, it also allows you to monitor the prices of an item (complete with an email notification) and to find the lowest price among all the sellers on the site.

    6) Best Price: another very useful extension to compare the prices of the objects we are looking at, so you can save money by buying the same product but from the site that offers the best price. For example, by opening a product on Amazon it will be possible to see the same item for sale on other stores, so as to be able to effectively compare all prices.

    7) coupon per AliExpress: using this extension we will be able to compare thousands of products from AliExpress, so as to always find the best price for your purchases. In addition to the comparator, it allows you to get discount codes and coupons to use at the time of purchase to save further.

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    Extensions to save on Mozilla Firefox
    Another web browser used is Mozilla Firefox, which has a good number of extensions dedicated to shopping and online safety as you go shopping.

    1) Amazon Assistant: same extension already seen on Google Chrome, allows you to keep the prices of the objects under control we follow up and also get a notification when the price has changed.

    2) - Amazon Price Tracker: this extension shows you the prices of the object over a certain period of time, so you can choose when to make the purchase or evaluate if the discount applied is real.

    3) Compare and follow Amazon and eBay prices: by installing this extension we will be able to monitor the prices and the trend of discounts for any item present both on Amazon and on eBay, so as to always buy at the best price.

    4) AliExpress Shopping Assistant: with this extension we will be able to automatically obtain new coupons and discounts while we place the order on AliExpress, so that we can buy at an even lower price than the one indicated in the cart.

    5) Aliexpress, GearBest - Where is my order?: it's the same extension already seen on Chrome! It allows you to automatically obtain the tracking code from the pages of AliExpress and GearBest, so that you always know where the package with the purchased items is.

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