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    Best free antivirus Windows 10

    Microsoft Defender Antivirus

    It may seem strange to you to say, but in reality you may not need to install any antivirus software on Windows 10, as it is already present by default and already enabled from the first configuration of the operating system a very valid tool for the protection against cyber threats, known by the name of Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

    Unless you need specific features to protect your privacy and other security tools, usually offered by paid antivirus software, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is currently the best solution for protecting Windows 10 in terms of performance and effectiveness.

    User intervention is almost nil, as it updates automatically with Windows Update, provides real-time protection of files, the system and Web browsing. It is also associated with the Windows firewall, which controls the software that requires network access.

    The only thing you can do is make sure that every feature of this antivirus is active. Therefore, press on the key Home on the taskbar (theflag icon) and click the button Settings (the'icona dell'ingranaggio) present in the menu that is proposed to you. Afterward, reach for the voices Update & Security> Windows Security> Open Windows Security and verify that i green check marks on all modules listed on the screen.

    If you want to know more about Microsoft Defender Antivirus and how to enable it on Windows 10 (in case you have completely disabled it), my advice is to rely on reading this tutorial of mine.

    Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

    Let's move on now Bitdefender, the famous antivirus for Windows 10 (and not only) also available in a free version, the one called Antivirus Free Edition, capable of flawlessly combining an extremely effective scanning engine with high performance which, however, does not affect the fluidity of the system.

    To download the free version of Bitdefender on your PC, connect to the program website and click on the button Download now. A download complete, apri il .exe file obtained, press the button Yes and wait a few moments for all the necessary components to be downloaded from the Internet and for the software to be installed as well.

    Now, register for a free account by pressing the button Sign in to Bitdefender and filling out the appropriate form that is proposed to you. Finally, in the main Bitdefender screen that is shown to you, click on the button System Scan to start a full system scan. Easier than that?

    If you want to know more about this free edition of Bitdefender, I recommend that you consult this tutorial of mine. As for the full version of this antivirus with additional features, a subscription is required starting from 29,99 € per year but, if you want to save some money, you can check out the Mr Key Shop website.

    Avast Antivirus Free

    Among the antivirus programs on the square that I want to suggest you pay attention to there is Avast. It is a very well known name in this field, especially for its free solution, which is the one I intend to focus on in these lines.

    The company's no-cost antivirus software, called Antivirus Free, is able to protect the system in a complete way, to constantly monitor all the activities that are carried out on the PC and also detects intrusions and security weaknesses present in the network.

    To immediately download it to your computer, connected to its official website, press the button Free download and waits for the program download to start and finish. Next, launch the .exe file got it, click the button Yes, quindi quello Customize and choose the option from the drop-down menu Minimal protection, which is more than enough to adequately protect your PC without slowing it down.

    At this point, press the button Install and, when the installation procedure is finished, press the buttons Continue, Accept ed Scan first, to analyze the system and detect any threats.

    I remind you that in case you want to enable the additional features of Avast, such as the VPN, you will need to sign up for a subscription starting from 39,99 euro / first year or buy a license at affordable prices on Mr Key Shop, a site that resells 100% legal licenses unused by companies.

    To learn more about how Avast works, I recommend reading my tutorial dedicated to the program.

    AVG Antivirus Free

    Another excellent antivirus, according to what reported by the comparative tests but also based on my experience and that of many other users, is AVG Antivirus Free (manufactured by a subsidiary of Avast Software since 2016).

    To download the antivirus in question, connected to its official website, click on the green button Free download and wait a few moments for the program installation package to be downloaded to your computer. Next, open the .exe file, got presses on the button Yes and wait for all the components necessary to operate the software to be downloaded from the Internet.

    When the download is complete, click on the wording Customize and choose the item Minimal protection from the drop-down menu proposed (more than enough to protect your PC effectively without slowing it down). Then press the button Install to start the installation procedure. Once this is done, press on the keys Continue e Accept, then on the voice Continue with the free version and press on Scan first, to start the system analysis.

    Please note that AVG's advanced features, such as firewall and secure web browsing, require subscription to a subscription plan, with costs starting at 34,99 euros / first year, but if you want to save something you can rely on the Mr Key Shop site, which allows you to buy unused antivirus licenses from companies.

    If you need more information about AVG antivirus, you can consult my guide dedicated to the topic.

    Avira Free Antivirus

    In an article all about identifying what the best free antivirus for Windows 10 it is practically impossible not to mention Avira and its Free Antivirus, which always collects good results even in comparison tests.

    To download the antivirus in question to your computer, connect to the official Avira website and click on the button Scarica free placed in the center of the screen. When the download is complete, double-click the .exe file obtained and press on first Yes and then Accept and install. At this point, the download of the program will start, after which the antivirus installation will be performed automatically.

    When the antivirus download is finally complete, you can start a full system check by clicking on the button Smart Scan, present in the screen that will be shown to you. Wait, therefore, for the outcome of the first scan and view the report, following the instructions for solving the problems found.

    I remind you that to use Avira's premium features, such as checking for software and driver updates on your PC and using the password manager, just to give you a few examples, they require a subscription starting from 34.95 euro / year (you can save some money by purchasing a license on the Mr Key Shop website).

    You can learn more about this by reading my tutorial on Avira Free Antivirus.

    Other grateful antiviruses for Windows 10

    As anticipated at the beginning of the tutorial, to draft the article in question I referred to the comparative tests carried out by AV Comparatives e AV-Test, two companies that periodically publish online reports regarding the degree of effectiveness of antivirus based on their effectiveness of real-time protection, false positives and the impact on computer performance.

    By relying on these reports you can therefore discover additional antivirus to try as an alternative to those I have already proposed but which, as already reiterated, precisely based on the results provided by these tests are those that at the time I am writing this article offer the better yield. However, if you want to experiment with other solutions, no one will stop you from doing so.

    In general, in case you want to consult other solutions for Windows PCs, perhaps even taking into consideration the paid ones, I recommend reading my guide on antivirus for Windows or, if you are looking for other protection software regardless of the operating system on which to install them, you can consult my tutorial on the best free antivirus in cittàn.

    Best free antivirus Windows 10

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