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How to disable popups on Chrome

If it is your intention to disable the popups displayed by the browser Google Chrome, you must first go to the program or app settings and, from there, proceed with blocking the retractable windows, using the appropriate menu item. Find everything explained below.

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I popup del browser Chrome by computer can be easily disabled, directly from the program settings: first, click on the ⋮ button located in the upper right corner, choose the item Settings from the on-screen menu and locate the tile Privacy and security in the new tab that opens.

Now, click the button Site settings resident in the latter, then on the option Popups and redirects and place the tallow next to the item Don't allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects (recommended).

The setting thus applied will affect all websites, except those belonging to the list They can send pop-ups and use redirects, which will continue to issue popups; to prevent this from happening, place the mouse pointer on the name of each of the sites belonging to the list, click on the ⋮ button that appears overlay and choose the item Remove give the purpose menu.

On smartphones and tablets

As for smartphones and tablets, the procedure to follow is quite similar to that seen previously: therefore, after opening the navigation app, touch the ⋮ button (on Android) or (...) (on iOS / iPadOS) and tap the item Settings, located in the menu that opens.

Pray be used Android, tap on the item Site settings visible in the box Advanced, tap the option Popups and redirects and move the lever at the top of the screen from ON a OFF, so that the option is visible Block sites from showing pop-ups and redirects (recommended).

Su iPhone e iPad, you have to go to the sections instead content settings e Popup Blocker, move on ON the levetta Block popups and tap on the item end, located at the top right.

How to disable popups on Firefox

Almost all editions of the browser Mozilla Firefox (excluding, as you will soon discover, the one for Android) allow the deactivation of popups through the respective settings, without the need to rely on third-party extensions or add-ons.

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The steps to follow to disable pop-ups in the browser Firefox per computer are as follows: to start, click on the ☰ button located at the top right, then on the item options resident in the menu that appears and, later, on the item Privacy & Security (or on the icon of padlock), located in the sidebar of the new tab that opens.

Now, locate the tile Permissions and apponi il segno di spunta accanto alla voce Block pop-up windows, if not already there, to make the browser prevent it from being opened.

Also in this case, the option will have no effect on websites belonging to the list of those manually authorized; to work around the problem, click on the button Exceptions ... located next to the option to block pop-ups, click on the name of each of the websites listed and then on the button Remove, to exclude them from the list of sites authorized to generate popups.

On smartphones and tablets

At the time of writing this guide, the Firefox browser for Android does not provide any procedure or extension to disable the display of popups; however, when a site first attempts to generate a pop-up window, it will show you a notice in this regard: when this happens, all you have to do is press the button for block the request or to deny consent, so as to block all future attempts by the website in question.

The issue is different, however, for iOS and iPadOS: in this case, the Firefox app provides an option for disable iPad and iPhone popups, accessible directly from the app settings menu.

To proceed, after opening the browser, tap the ☰ resident button at the bottom right, tap the item Settings from the on-screen menu and move the switch corresponding to the wording Block pop-up windows da OFF a ON. Finally, tap the item Done, located at the top right.

How to disable pop-ups on Microsoft Edge

If you have chosen to browse the Internet using the browser Microsoft Edge and you want to inhibit the display of popups by the latter, the instructions in this section will be extremely useful, in which I am going to explain how to disable the pop-up windows on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Your pc

To prevent pop-up windows from appearing in the browser Microsoft Edge per computer, first reach the Settings of the program by clicking on the button (...) located at the top right and choosing the dedicated item from the menu that is proposed.

Once this is done, click on the item Cookies and site permissions resident in the sidebar of the tab that opens, choose the option Popups and redirects attached to the box All permissions and move the lever next to the wording Block (recommended) da OFF a ON.

Please note that all sites listed under the heading Allow they will still be allowed to override the setting applied just now, continuing to show pop-up windows. To prevent this from happening, click on the button (...) corresponding to the respective names and select the item Remove from the displayed list.

On smartphones and tablets

Disable pop-ups on smartphones, if you use the Microsoft Edge browser for Android (available on Play Store and alternative markets), iOS and iPadOS, it's really a breeze: first, tap the button (...) located at the bottom, tap on the symbol ofgear visible at the bottom of the menu that appears and touches the option Site permissions, placed in the box Advanced of the panel that appears next.

Now, tap on the option Popups and redirects and move up OFF the only visible lever, so that the wording appears Block sites from showing pop-ups and redirects (recommended).

To delete any sites present in the list of Exceptions (which are always allowed to generate popups, regardless of the previous setting), tap on each of them names, play the voice Popups and redirects visible in the next panel and put the check mark next to the item Block.

How to disable popups on Internet Explorer

If, for some reason, you still use Internet Explorer to surf the Net (be careful, it is an obsolete program!), you can prevent the display of popups in the following way: click on thegear located in the upper right corner of the program window, choose the item Internet options from the menu that opens and wait for the relative window to be shown on the screen.

Now, click on the tab Privacy visible inside, put the check mark next to the wording Turn on Popup Blocker and press pulsating Apply, to implement the change, which however will not affect the sites in the list of exceptions (which will be authorized to view the popups).

To remedy this, click on the button Settings visible in the same window, press on name of each of the sites to allow pop-ups from and press the button Remove, to remove it from the list; to delete all sites in one go, click the button instead Remove all ... and confirm the notice that appears later.

Still from the same window, then define the block level pop-ups, choosing from the available options: high, to block all retractable windows; medium, to block most of the automatic ones; And bass, to allow pop-ups only from safe sites. Once you have applied the adjustments you prefer, click on the buttons Close, Apply e OK and restart the browser.

How to disable popups: Safari

You are used to surf the Internet using Safari, the default browser of macOS, iOS and iPadOS? Don't worry, even in this case you can inhibit the display of pop-up windows, very easily.

Your mac

Be il tuo è un Mac, for starters, start Safari and open the menu Safari> Preferences ... located in the Mac menu bar, top left. Once in the new window, click on the button Web Sites located at the top and select the item Pop-up windows which is, this time, in the left sidebar.

Finally, set the drop-down menu When you visit other websites su Block and warn (to receive a notification that the popup has been blocked), or on Block.

This setting has no effect on the sites listed in the box Allow pop-up windows on the following websites; to exclude them from the list and, consequently, block the display of popups, click on name of each of the listed items and then on the button Remove, which appears superimposed.

On smartphones and tablets

disable iPhone and iPad popups while using the Safari browser, you need to intervene from Settings of the operating system: then, tap on the button in the shape ofgear located on the Home screen or in the iOS / iPadOS App Library, tap on the item Safari and finally, move the lever named Retractable window block da OFF a ON. Very easy, isn't it ?!

How to disable popups

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