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    Windows Defender: Disabling antivirus in Windows 10

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    Windows 10 accompanies the included antivirus. In spite of the fact that it is a little behind the business security programming as far as elements, it is superior to nothing and works effectively shielding you from certain dangers. In any case, you may need to weaken Windows Defender since you as of now have another antivirus or on the grounds that it irritates you.

    There are better choices, for example, removing warnings or adding a special case for a document, however assuming you are prepared to remove Windows Defender as your Windows 10 antivirus, this is the way to do it rapidly and effectively, despite the fact that it is suggested that you have another antivirus introduced.

    1. Open the Windows search bar (beside the Start button) and type Windows Defender.
    2. Open the application
    3. Go to the Virus and Threat Protection > Settings menu.
    4. Enable real-time protection

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