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    Free Windows 7 programs

    Windows Essentials

    Windows Essentials is an unmissable collection of free Windows 7 programs developed by Microsoft that includes numerous applications dedicated to multimedia, Internet and communication. These include instant messaging software Messenger, the video editor Movie Maker, the program for organizing photos Photo collection, the cloud storage tool SkyDrive is a blog editor for desktop Writer. Although they are all included in the same package, the Windows Essentials programs can also be installed individually. It is also available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8. Download from here.

    Sunrise Seven

    Sunrise Seven is a program for the Windows 7 customization and optimization which allows you to adjust many hidden parameters of the Microsoft operating system. Thanks to it, you can change the appearance of the Windows 7 Start button and taskbar, adjust the security settings related to the User Account Control, change the properties of the Start menu, view / modify the OEM information of the computer and speed up the performance Windows by changing or disabling functions of the operating system. Unfortunately it is only in English, to be used with caution by the less experienced. Download from here.

    Logon Screen

    As his name suggests quite easily, Logon Screen is a small free program that allows you to change the Windows 7 logon screen. For the uninitiated, the logon screen is the initial screen where you need to enter the Windows login password that appears when you turn on the computer or go back to work after stand-by. It is completely in cittàn and is very easy to use even for experienced menu users. It also integrates into the context menu of the desktop, so that you can change the logon screen with a simple right click on the Windows desktop. Download from here.

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    Microsoft Security Essentials è one of the best free antivirus available for Windows. Having been developed by Microsoft itself, it integrates perfectly with the operating system, not slowing down the computer and not going into conflict with the standard security measures included in Windows 7, Vista and XP (the OS for which it is available). It is completely in cittàn and is extremely effective. It automatically scans the system once a week and constantly monitors all the operations that take place on the computer, promptly blocking any threats. Download from here.

    Glary Utilities

    Although it is not a program designed specifically for Windows 7, as it works perfectly also on XP, Vista and Windows 8, Glary Utilities is one of those software that should never be missing on a Windows computer. It is, in fact, of one of the best system maintenance suites all-in-one that allows in just one click to free up disk space, eliminate errors from the system registry, eradicate malware. eliminate unnecessary programs from autostart and more. After using it, Windows starts shooting again as it did when the PC was first turned on. Download from here.

    Windows 7 codecs

    The version of Windows Media Player included in Windows 7 natively has all the codecs needed to play the major audio and video file formats. Yet there are certain types of files, such as some high-definition movies downloaded from the Internet, that the program cannot digest well. Here it comes into play Windows 7 codecs, a free package of codecs optimized for Windows 7 that installs all the components needed to play virtually every multimedia file format that exists in Microsoft's operating system. It is also available in a version optimized for 64-bit systems. Download from here.

    Free Windows 7 programs

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