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    How to activate iPhone without SIM

    Preliminary operation

    Before taking action and attempting to adapt a standard SIM to the Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM format for iPhone, contact your operator and ask for explanations on the costs and methods of replacing the SIM. To find out how to talk to a Vodafone, TIM, 3 or Wind operator, consult my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

    To replace your SIM with a SIM for iPhone, you will need to go to a sales point of your mobile operator. Below you will find the links to find out the center of your operator closest to home.

    • Find a TIM center.
    • Find a Wind center.
    • Find a Vodafone center.
    • Find a center Three.

    How to cut out an iPhone SIM

    If you are ready to “take the risk” and want to cut your SIM into a Nano-SIM (or a Micro-SIM) in order to immediately activate your iPhone, download this model made by Christian von der Ropp.

    This is a very common PDF in A4 format which, once printed, allows you to cut out the SIM cards in an extremely precise way. To start the download of the model, first click on the item Download original PDF file and then your browser's download icon (which could be a floppy disk or an arrow).

    Now let's see how to use the PDF we just downloaded. First, open the template in any program that can view PDFs and print it on a sheet A4 making sure to set the zoom level to 100%, otherwise the aspect ratio of the document will be "wrong" and the size of the SIM will not match those of the iPhone slot.

    Once the print is done, take some double-sided adhesive tape and fix the SIM to be cut on the point of the template relative to the card format you want to obtain.

    • MiniSim (2FF) to MicroSIM (3FF) if you want to transform a standard SIM into a Micro-SIM for iPhone 4 / 4S.
    • MiniSIM (2FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) if you want to transform a standard SIM into a Nano-SIM for iPhone 5 and later.
    • MicroSIM (3FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) if you want to transform a Micro-SIM into a Nano-SIM for iPhone 5 and later.

    Now, get one line, an felt tip pen and traces on the card all the cutout lines present on the model. Then take a pair of scissors well sharpened and cut out the SIM following the lines you drew previously on the card. Be careful not to nick the chip or you will render the card unusable!

    We are almost there. Now take one lime or some paper abrasive, file the edges of the SIM you just cut out and insert the card into the iPhone.

    To insert the SIM into the iPhone you have to take the metal paper clip which is in the packaging of the phone (inside the white card where there are also the Apple stickers) and you have to push hard into the hole on the right side of the device.

    If you don't have the paper clip handy, you can also use a common paper clip to bind documents (opening the ends a little). For more detailed instructions on the whole procedure read my tutorial on how to insert the SIM in the iPhone.

    Activate iPhone

    You are now ready for activate iPhone without SIM, or rather, to activate it with your temporary or clipped SIM (which, if it works, you can continue to use it without problems in the future).

    Then turn on the "iPhone by", set the use of cittàn language, select your country of residence (presumably thecity), connect to one wireless network and wait for the presence of the SIM to be checked. After this step, if no error messages appear, you should be "on horseback".

    Now you just have to follow the procedure for the initial configuration of the iPhone. So choose whether to activate the location services and whether to set the device as a new iPhoneis restore a previous backup from iCloud, an previous backup from iTunes or migrate and date from Android.

    When the operation is completed (if you have chosen to restore a previous backup you may have to wait several minutes), accept the terms of use of iOS, configure Crab, accept or deny thesending usage statistics to Apple and app developers and configure the mode of screen zoom.

    If you have one iPhone 7 or 7 iPhone Plus, before configuring the screen zoom mode you will be prompted to configure the Home button to adjust the degree of vibration following pressure (moderate, standard or intense).

    Perfect! You now have a 100% working iPhone, or rather, 100% working if you have used a still active SIM to set it up. If you have used an inactive card, you will not be able to use the data network and the voice line until you insert a valid (i.e. active) SIM.

    In case of replacement of the SIM, don't worry, you will not have to carry out the phone configuration procedure again and you will not lose any data. You can simply take out the current SIM and replace it with a new card without even having to restart the iPhone. The only changes that will be made will be related to apps and services that use the phone number to work (eg. FaceTime, WhatsApp and so on).

    how to activate iphone without SIM

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