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    How to Enable Hidden Chrome Options

    Like all Google applications, many parameters are inaccessible in the default settings. While some are more for developers to test behaviors, others may make life easier for users as we will see in this little tutorial. Indeed, Google sometimes uses these menus to test a function before officially rolling it out to everyone.

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    Widely used on Android, Chrome is a browser of choice, especially since it is often installed by default on today's smartphones and tablets. Each of the options mentioned will not always fundamentally change your surfing but allow you to unlock settings very useful to enrich your mobile web experience.

    Chrome Flags, to activate hidden options!

    The solution goes through the Flags of Chrome. First of all, remember that the operation is essentially the same between the Dev and Beta versions of Chrome, which are also available on the Play Store. That said, this little guide is based on a stable version, the more widespread on our devices favorites, and probably the one you have.

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    Note also that it is fsometimes experimental anointings and that your browser may become unstable or even in some extreme cases not start at all. Fortunately for us, on Android, there is a very simple method to reset the browser. Just go to Android settings, then apps, and finally select Chrome. At this stage, it is necessary to “delete the data” which will have the effect of restoring Chrome to the same state as when it was installed. Practice !

    How to Enable Chrome Flags

    To access the famous menu, simply lancer l'application Chrome, then write the following words in the space usually reserved for URL addresses:

    chrome :/ / flags

    Once validated, you arrive directly on the browser “hidden options”. So there is nothing complicated to access it. Things then get tough to find out what can be changed without altering the behavior of your favorite browser while waiting for Google to officially reduce its RAM consumption, for example.

    What are the best flags to modify?

    By proceeding with the code cited above, you access a long list of parameters where it is very easy to get lost. Note that most of them have an on or off position and as we wrote a few lines above, it is possible to modify the behavior of Chrome in depth.

    Also, we more recommend you to use the following trick. Each option is thus accessible by entering its “exact address”, it is a very practical shortcut when you know what you are looking for:


    All the functions that we are going to discuss will be followed by the exact name in order to be able to access them more easily and avoid certain errors.

    • Enable password generation : Do you lack inspiration? So let Chrome choose for you. #enable-password-generation
    • Show word predictions everywhere : by activating this flag, each field will have the right to predictions and not only the one devoted to passwords and other forms. #show-autofill-type-predictions
    • Frames per second counter : for browser players! #show-fps-counter
    • Remove the consideration period : by default, Chrome waits about half a second before taking a tap on a link into account. To remove this time, activate this flag. #disable-click-delay
    • Remove the “pull” to refresh : appeared for a few versions of Chrome, not everyone is a fan of this option. #disable-pull-to-refresh-effect
    • Disable page auto-reload mode : by relaunching Chrome for a long time, by default, the browser reloads the content. Here's how to turn that off. #enable-offline-auto-reload

    That gives you a good little overview. Note that there are many functions relating to passwords. Some even make clear all passwords. So be careful what you are doing. We have deliberately avoided discussing these specific points.


    Finally, note that some of these commands work similarly on computers and even under Chrome OS. Most of the options discussed work immediately after activation. Others require a restart of Chrome, as sometimes indicated on the screen. In this case, just click on it after setting everything you want.

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    And if you have other flags commands not mentioned here, do not hesitate to share them with us via the comments. Good settings!

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