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    Update your browser and check if you are using the latest version (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

    The browser is the window to the web, the program that downloads data from the internet and that sends and receives information to and from websites.
    Since the sites are many and different from each other, the browser can load and download data of all kinds on the computer, tablet or smartphone, becoming an easy target for those who want to spread malware, viruses, exploits and all kinds of advertising.
    The first rule of internet security is to always update your browser used to the latest version, so that it is protected from all vulnerabilities discovered to date.
    Speaking of the most used browsers around the world, that is Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari e Opera, let's see how always keep them updated and how to check that the latest version is always installed on the PC.

    1) Update Google Chrome
    Chrome automatically updates on Windows PCs thanks to the Google Update process which should be running automatically. To force the Chrome update, you can click on the three-dot button at the top left, go to Help and then on Chrome Info.
    Check for updates should write that Google Chrome is up to date or it should immediately start downloading the latest version available. In case there are any errors, the fastest way to update Chrome is to uninstall and reinstall it from scratch (making sure that the synchronization of favorites and settings is activated for the Google account).
    On this Google page there are all the links to download Chrome while for Windows PC there are also links to download Chrome with direct offline installation.

    2) Firefox updates
    Firefox, like Chrome, also updates automatically as soon as another version is available. To check, click on the three lines at the top right, then on Help with the question mark at the bottom and finally on About Firefox.
    If you have a problem, you can download Firefox for Windows, Linux and Mac, from the official site in order to reinstall it.

    3) Internet Explorer Updates
    Internet Explorer is updated by Microsoft through Windows Update which must be up and running on your computer. Then start Windows Update to check for updates for Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer updates have ended since 2022).
    In another article, the guide to Windows Update and the solutions for update problems.
    Please note that Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 so those who have Windows 7 must make sure that they are using Internet Explorer 11 otherwise you are having serious security risks on your computer.

    4) Microsoft Edge su Windows 10
    Edge, Microsoft's new browser for Windows 10, updates in a similar way to Chrome: press the button with three dots at the top right, go to Help and Feedback and then About Edge.

    5) Update Safari
    The Safari browser on Windows has not been supported for years, so if it is still installed, remove it and don't use it anymore.
    Safari on Mac instead updates itself automatically from the Mac App Store. If the Mac App Store does not show available updates, check in the System Preferences, in the App Store section, that the automatic check for updates and the automatic download of apps and OS X updates are enabled.

    6) Update Opera
    Opera automatically updates to the latest version when available. To check and update the browser manually, click the menu at the top left, go to Info on Opera and let there be the check and the possible download of the new version.
    In case of problems you can download Opera from the official website.

    If you want to do a Quick check that you are using the latest version of the browser in use, you can open the Browser- site which will immediately show a message if the browser is not updated.

    Su smartphone e tablet Android updates for Chrome, Firefox or other browsers are received through the Google Play Store (see here how to update Android apps).
    On iPhone and iPad Safari is updated by Apple with new versions of the iOS system while the other browsers update from the App Store.

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