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    WhatsApp: dark mode has arrived, here's how to activate it

    In beta test for a few days, the dark mode of WhatsApp finally arrives in the finalized edition of the application. To activate it, two ways are available to you depending on your Android version.

    Last week, WhatsApp offered access to dark mode in its beta test formula. This one, which improves battery life on AMOLED screens and is less eye-straining, is now available to all WhatsApp users and is no longer reserved for beta testers.

    WhatsApp: how to activate dark mode in Android 9 or 10

    The instant messaging application, acquired by Facebook in 2014, therefore also succumbs to the fashion of the dark theme on the fact Android and iOS. According to Facebook, it was the most popular query from WhatsApp users. And with its approximately 2 billion members, WhatsApp had to meet this demand as quickly as possible. On Android, its activation is very simple, but depends on the version of the system you are using. Here's how to do it.

    First of all, remember to launch an update of all your applications if none have been carried out in recent days. Then, depending on your version of Android, do the following:

    • If you haveAndroid 10, you just have to go to the settings of the smartphone. To do this, go to Parameters, And then Display & Brightness. There you should find an option to enable the Dark mode.
    • Sous Android 9, dark mode is not native to the operating system. It must be activated for each application, provided that the application in question offers such an option. This is good, because it is the case of WhatsApp. To activate the dark mode therefore, launch the application and go to the burger menu at the very top right. Click on Parameters, And then Discussions. By selecting the option Theme > Dark, you activate the desired display mode.

    In addition, owners of a Pixel, and in particular the latest Pixel 4 or Pixel 4XL, will have the possibility of programming the activation of the dark mode according to the sun. Finally, note that the deployment is in progress and the update may not appear in the Google Play Store yet. If so, wait a few hours, it really shouldn't be long.

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